How to Write Quality Blog Post with SEO Principles

Blogging as a hobby is one thing, but getting your blog out there and want your posts to be read by a lot of people is a completely different game. When you are writing because you want to let out some emotions or simply because you love the topic, you are free to do anything you want. But once you have decided that you want the public to read your writings, you are no longer writing for yourself only, but also for your readers.

It means, there are many things that you need to do, from the simplest things like checking your grammar and proofread your writings to apply some SEO principles. Speaking of SEO, don’t even think you can put your blog on the map if you don’t optimize the page. Let alone making money out of your blog, you will struggle to find even one loyal reader. Blogging is not easy and SEO will make everything more challenging. But the best thing about page optimizing is once you get the hang of it, it will be much easier and it will also deliver better results than other methods.

Be Consistent

One of the most important things about blogging is you need to be consistent. Decide on one topic and keep writing things related to that topic. Maybe you want to write various topics so that your blog will gain more visitors. Unfortunately, that’s not how blogging works.

If you want your blog to be successful, what you want is not casual visitors who visit your blog once and then never come again. You need loyal readers who will keep coming back to your blog because they show interest to the topic you are writing. This is why consistency of the theme is important. Furthermore, you also need to make sure that you are able to post frequently at least once a week. Find a rhythm in posting and don’t leave your readers hanging. If you don’t show up for three months, don’t be surprised if you lose plenty of readers.

Check Your Grammar

Some bloggers don’t really pay attention on grammars. Meanwhile, there are some others who want to write with better grammar but they don’t know how to or they don’t have any reliable proofreaders that can fix their mistakes. If you are on the latter category, you are lucky because you can get some help from online grammar checker like Grammarly.

This site will make sure that the writing you are about to post is clear and free from grammar mistake. It will also help you make effective sentences that will ensure better readability. It is not only to check blog posts, though. You can also use it to check your Facebook status, Twitter update, or emails you are about to send to your clients. Simply read a review of Grammarly and you will know why it is very important for your blog SEO.

Utilize the Right SEO Tools

SEO can be very tricky but luckily, you don’t have to deal with everything alone. There are many SEO tools that you can use to optimize your page and help people notice your blog post. Here are some of them.

– Keyword Research

Unless you are working with an influencer to promote your blog, the chance is the reader will find you from search engine. This is why you will need to use keywords. You need to be very careful when choosing the keywords. You want the keyword to be less competitive, but in the same time there are many people who search for that keyword. To find that balance, you need to use keyword research tool.

– Analytics

You should not forget to analyze your SEO strategies every once in a while. Analytic tools will help you that. Find out which keywords or strategies bring the most readers and leave what doesn’t work. This way, you will not waste your energy doing things that don’t deliver result.

– On-Site Optimization

Once you have chosen the keywords, you also need to optimize them by putting the keywords in the area that matters. You need to put the keyword on the title, the URL, the meta description and the heading of the article. Sometimes you can forget those rules, but the SEO tool will not. It will check for you whether your blog posts already comply with the common SEO rules.

Furthermore, the tool will not only capable to check your page. It also can help you to check the SEO principles in your competitor’s pages. So, you can easily figure out what makes other blogs so popular and you can copy the method and use it in your own blog.

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