6 Important Places You Should Put a Baby Gate

The joy of a parent is to see his baby crawling around the house. This shows that the baby is healthy. With mobility, a baby is prone to come across sharp and dangerous objects which could harm the baby. As a parent, you are, therefore, obliged to baby proof your house earlier before your baby starts moving around your house.

There are numerous ways to make your home baby safe, but the easiest and most impactful is by using a retractable baby gate. This gate has ease of functionality and safety standards that mean your baby is always protected and you are not upset by the gate.

Below, we have listed 6 places where a retractable baby gate can keep your little ones safe.

  1. Living room

This is probably the playing ground for your baby. How often do you check to see what your babies is doing while they are in the living room? Sometimes you might be very busy with some other home errands and your baby may move around and smash your TV.  When you are busy and you are not able to watch your baby play, install a baby gate to put your little ones out of harm’s way as well as prevent them from reaching other delicate items in the living room.

Baby proofing your house especially your living room will prevent the following common causes of injuries.

ü  TVs- Your baby can smash your Flat screen TVs thus resulting into many other injuries.

ü  Cords – Your baby can reach cords installed in the living room which might cause electrocution

ü  Coffee tables – A baby can land on the sharp edges of your coffee and end tables which might hit his head.

Therefore ensure your living room is fully baby proofed

  1. Kitchen

The kitchen is the center of all the cooking and is possibly the risky place in a house as there are numerous harmful items. It is very crucial that you block this place, particularly when you are engaged in other activities such as cooking or washing utensils.

Your kitchen drawers and cabinets need to be locked and your stove knobs need to be covered to prevent your baby from turning on the burners or open the drawers with sharp kitchen items inside.

You can ensure your baby is safe by putting a baby gate that will see your baby protected from reaching the kitchen.

  1. Staircase

Staircases are a major cause of accidents for babies learning to climb. It is imperative to put up gates both at the top and the bottom for utmost safety. If you have to put only one gate, put it on the floor where your baby spends most of their time playing. There are baby gates that swing outward which ensures more security and less chance of your baby escaping down the stairs.

  1. Bedrooms

You can put a retractable baby gate in front of your bedroom doorway or your baby’s room doorway as your baby plays so that she or he can hear and see you, but remain safe. However, you should ensure bedroom doors that are unused remain closed. Dresses and other bedroom fittings should be attached to the walls to avoid falls.

  1. Bathrooms

Bathrooms are areas in the house that keep a multitude of dangers, from medicine and domestic cleaners to water. Your little ones can even drown in your toilet bowl if he or she falls in the head first. Therefore, ensure you keep the bathroom door closed and the baby gate shut to the entrance, especially for bedrooms that have attached bathrooms. You need to ensure that you use drawer and cabinet protection aids to prevent your baby from reaching in the hair products or clean-up agents.

  1. Home office.

You may probably have a home office in your house where you put your computers, desks, file cabinets and other office equipment. The items can fall on your baby if he or she uses them as a support while climbing on them. Cords also can cause shock hazards. Other small office items like paper clips may chock your baby if he/she eats them. Therefore, while you are working in your home office, keep your office door open and place a retractable gate in the entry so that your baby can still see or hear you.

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