5 mistakes that can destroy education system

This is an important topic to discuss as our education is responsible for the quality products which will handle the economy of the nation. Turning students into quality needs certain steps to follow, but are we following them? Well, there are many errors and issues which are completely destroying the system. Education is a very delicate thing and each student has their own way of learning and accepting knowledge. You can not implement the same methods on everyone nor the general methodologies will work on everyone. We must make sure a 100% result of our class.
There are many mistakes that destroy it completes so let us discuss a few.

It’s a learning center, not a business office

Well, this is the very basic one. This issue completely takes away the focus from learning to making money. Our education department’s basic duty is to provide quality learning and practice to the students to withstand in the economy or anything that interests them. If the focus is only on making money, then the department wouldn’t care about what students are going through. Whether they are learning or not would not matter as it is all about money. Most of the well-known educational departments are actually running with such policy. Students will have a thought of getting away by just submitting their semester fees because their department only cares about it. Departments who are only about money will increase fees or extra tax and many students who can’t afford but actually deserve it will be lost in the way. Many creators and geniuses will be missed by such policy. Money is important but shouldn’t be the focus. Learning should never be missed no matter what is the reason behind. But still, we see the destruction of this delicate department. In many countries where education is still developing its stand are going through such policies and there are literally thousands of students who can’t study only because it’s a little hard for them to pay according to the education department’s requirement. So only riches will learn? Not acceptable at all. Education should be equal so quality can come out.

Studying > Practical? No

Most of the universities are actually thinking and run their policies as if studying books is the only working and authentic way of learning. Well, I would have to say no because like I said there are students who all have a different way of accepting knowledge and some are extremely good at learning from practical. Books are your basic and one should never forget that but the learning is not limited to that anymore. Anything you learn must be implemented by practice. How many things do you remember from your university or school that you only read and not practiced, and you still remember it as it is? Unless you have a photographic memory and remember everything or either you are lying that you do. But I bet everyone who practiced after studying for learning has 90% remembrance of it. Learning has to stages: Which are theory and practice. You can’t practice without theory and theories are useless if not applied practically.

Is technology really important?

Oh no, not really. But yes it is. Technology in studies has pros and cons. It has become a very controversial topic for a past few years. Well, there are both benefits and problems. Pros are basically how it’s helping our teachers and students providing them a wide range or researching and learning through the web and applications. Teachers find it rather helping in pedagogy and is more effective. Students can learn anything with just a simple click on their devices and knowledge online is unlimited. Plus carrying and taking care of schedules is extremely easy now and working over the web has made it so easy to access from anywhere. Learning procedure is extremely fast and reliable plus we live in a digital age and it is extremely important to stay up-to-date. But what about cons?

It is a wide network of not only education but everything. Which means it can become a huge distraction. You are keen to learn when you are properly focused but as we all know learning about something on your smart phone can easily carry you from there to texting someone or looking at a tweet etc. Verbal communication is something that is completely dead when you are working with clouds and online writing submission tools. One more thing, Not every student has the access to the equally standard technology, and also not everyone is as friendly to understand these methods. So yeah this can be a problem here. So yeah it is both important and has drawbacks when we really dig deep inside it. There are thousands of tools available that can help us to improve educational system just like plagiarism checker tool.

Teaching the basics over and over.

Who else is disappointed to watch the origin story of Batman over and over in almost every upcoming movie? Well, I am. Same goes with our education and I don’t understand this one thing that why are we taught the same thing over and over and giving the same knowledge to generations of our nation. Why are we not stepping out of the same cultural events and the basics that have nothing to do with anything anymore. It is good to know about it of course but teachers should let the curriculum move out of the basics. Students will love to learn something that is totally new and unique. Teach them events and stuff outside your world. Interest them with the current events of the world and what is new and upcoming. I understand knowing the history is important, but stepping out of it is more important as the world is running so fast to the future.

Study means highly paid jobs?

One educational system nourishes us in such a way that our mind is stuck on this agenda. 80% people study so they can have a better future in the competitive market and can earn more. That was never the focus and education should never be taken as a stairway to making money. It was always about learning and becoming excellent. Money is a byproduct and knowledge is the main product. Obviously making money is important in the current era but we should never forget the purpose of learning. Our educational department should nourish the students in such a way that it is all about gaining as much knowledge as we can.

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