Minimally Invasive Surgeries Vs. Cosmetic Procedures

Almost everyone at some point in their life has looked in the mirror and not liked one aspect of their body. It may be wrinkles on their face, a bit of excess fat around the stomach or the size and shape of other body parts. For many, diet and exercise yields little or no noticeable changes – or perhaps they have an event fast approaching they want to feel more confident, which poses the question: how can I fix this quickly?. For many, surgical procedures are the only way to achieve the body they have always wished for.

Cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic surgery has been used worldwide to help people achieve their desired look extremely quickly, but often at the cost of painful procedures with long recovery times and, in some cases, non-permanent results.

Breast augmentation is one of the most widely known and popular surgeries of this kind, with many women opting for this due to the fast and customisable nature of the results. Implants inserted give shape, lift and symmetry straight away, which many who undergo the procedure are looking for. However, implants are not permanent and must be replaced after a certain amount of time, which means multiple surgeries unless the implant is removed.

Other after-effects of cosmetic procedures can be just as painful and significant as the surgery itself. Patients can experience painful bruising to the treated area, damage to surrounding tissues, swelling, prolonged recovery times and unsightly scarring.

Minimally invasive procedures

Cosmetic surgery is a drastic step in the road to aesthetic happiness, which many choose because they feel it is their only option. However, the rise of minimally invasive procedures with same results have become a great alternative for those who are hesitant about larger surgeries.

Using minimally invasive surgery instead of cosmetic surgery can help those who want the benefits of procedures like liposuction with far fewer drawbacks. Treatments such as Vaser liposuction, an innovative alternative surgery which uses ultrasound to liquefy fat cells before removal, is a gentler, more advanced and less invasive technique which produces the exact same end result as traditional liposuction surgeries.

Vaser, which stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance, uses ultrasound energy to specifically target fat cells, liquefying them for easier removal via gentle suctioning. This ensures that not only are blood vessels and surrounding tissues better protected and that less pain is inflicted during the procedure, recovery time is markedly quicker, bruising is reduced and much more fat can be removed than would be seen in a traditional liposuction procedure.

The fat removed using Vaser liposuction can also be used in fat transfer surgery, whereby fat cells that have been removed are purified and re-injected back into the body at various other sites, such as breasts or buttocks, to add volume. This treatment is much less invasive than cosmetic surgeries which use implants and offer the same results, adds no foreign substances to the patient’s body, and the treatment is permanent, depending on diet and lifestyle, removing the need for extra surgery later.

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