5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies for Weight Loss

5 Healthy Breakfast


If you’re trying to shed away some pounds and need a quick fix, perfectly blended smoothies is your solution. It’s a great way to keep your weight loss journey on the right track. Offering you great nutrition, these blended drinks are rich in fiber and protein and keep your stomach full till the next meal. To get your metabolic rate increased blend in some healthy vegetables or fruits with fiber oriented oats, honey and flax seeds. Not only do these drinks taste amazing, they are convenient to make and are rich in health benefits. Being a vital part of your day, the early hours of the day are crucial to what goes in your body. A healthy smoothie which ensures weight loss requires more greens in its recipe.

A vast array of weight loss and detox smoothies are made with the help of best blender machine, whether you’re in a time crunch or have a busy day ahead. The basic key important tip is to add more green and healthy fruits to your smoothie recipe. Make a weekly or monthly plan of the different types of smoothies you can make to treat yourself in the early hours of morning for the perfect breakfast.

Add a variety of nutritional punch of flavor to your routine and experience a healthy change in your body. The 5 different types of breakfast smoothies with the power of whole foods that you can make are as follows.

  1. Green Banana Smoothie

To give you the perfect energy at the start of your day, this green Banana smoothie is your best drink to keep you fit and high on energy. With a best blender machine make this delight with extra kale, cucumbers, and banana’s chopped with a hint of protein powder. It will keep you fit throughout the day, as well as reducing your weight and keeping a calorie count.

  1. Almond and Berry Delight

Blue berries are a perfect fruit as anti oxidants. Blend these berries with one banana, almond milk, a few almonds and honey. The rich berry flavor is a refresher in the morning

  1. Strawberry and Coconut Fresher

A fruity combination adds the natural sweetness to your drink. In your favorite blender machine add a handful of berries with an unsweetened cup of coconut milk. Add a few drops of lemon juice, mint and blend serve it by sprinkling the coconuts shavings on top and chopped strawberries.

  1. Flax Seed, Apple and Cinnamon Smoothie

To keep your metabolism high, flax seeds act as the perfect key to your smoothies. Blend 2-3 chopped apples, a teaspoon of flax seeds, a hint of cinnamon powder, spinach and cucumber. This smoothie is a treat for youngsters and adults, adding nutritional value to your diet and helping you lose weight. Keep your belly flat and blood sugar level as required with this drink.

  1. Papaya and Cucumber Soother

After a night of eating, when you have a heavy stomach and feel greasy and lethargic, a strong healthy smoothie is what you need.  Papaya detoxifies our body system, and acts as a cleanser. This fruit is filled with enzymes, sodium and potassium, making you feel light and energized.

Intake of your favorite desired smoothie shall assure a healthy routine to your lifestyle. Pre store fruits and vegetables, freeze a few and use fresh one’s as well. With different combinations, blend away the perfect refreshing drink to your early start of the day.

Not only will these smoothies help you reduce your weight, they will also keep your Metabolism in perfect check.

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