How to Eat Out and Still Eat Healthy

We all love eating out at restaurants, bars, cafes and diners because it allows us to socialize, try new things, eat delicious food and not have to do the dishes afterward. Because of these reasons we are as a society eating out more and more. With the advent of fast food restaurants we can now add that we can get tasty food in mere minutes after we order it.


But eating out can also have its downsides. The most important one is not knowing whether you are eating healthy when you eat out. There is great news though because whether you love bakery products or fine dining, there are tips that can help you steer towards the ones that are healthy, so you can have the benefits of eating out and almost none of the downsides. Here are some of those tips;

Healthier Choices are Available Everywhere

If you are want to eat baked goods, there are places that have a variety that are low in fat and sugar, and use healthier ingredients. Companies like Café Valley, a provider of baked goods to many supermarkets and cafes, know that consumers want healthier choices, so their ingredients have come to reflect this. Larry Polhill Café Valley executive has been a part of implementing these modifications and seen Café Valley’s healthy items increase dramatically. Today, virtually any restaurant, café or bakery will offer healthier products on their menus.

Aim for a Balance When You Eat Out

At home it is easy to eat healthier because you can easily decide everything you put on your plate. You should take this approach when you are eating out as well. When you order a meal be sure to order everything that comes on the plate. Pick the main dish and tell them to prepare it the way you would like and the same with the side dishes. Restaurants are always open to add or change an item on a menu for a customer. You can ask for chicken instead of pork in a dish and a baked potato rather than French fries. If they cannot accommodate you on your particular order they will often make suggestions for other things on the menu that fit your healthy eating goals.

Always Leave Something on the Plate

Restaurant portion sizes are for people with a range of weights. So they have to feed larger people with each portion. You should never feel compelled to eat everything on the plate because the chances are you are eating way more food than you require. Instead, listen to your stomach. Are you full? If the answer is yes, it should not matter how much you have left on your plate. Ask the waiter for a doggy bag ant eat it later. Remember, it does not matter what type of food you are eating. If you eat too much of it, you will gain weight.

Finally, your liquids when you eat out should always include a glass of water that you should consume before you eat. This will cause you to eat less and the water will also dilute any sweets you consume. Remember also anything other than water that you consume should be considered for its calorie sugar and alcohol (which turns to sugar), content. Be mindful of what you are drinking as well as eating.

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