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One of the most widely used presentation tools used in the market today is Microsoft PowerPoint. Irrespective of the job and position, everyone is expected to make a presentation at some point in their life. PowerPoint presentations play a very important role today, but it has never been more difficult to create effective and persuasive presentations to convey our ideas to the desired audience. This is because many factors are at play when making a presentation; factors like template layout, presentation content and designing need a special eye in order to ensure that the audience enjoys the presentation.

Distinctive presentations that leave an impression on the mind of your colleagues and bosses are rare to come by.  This is where comes in to help. It brings in the expertise of professional designers that have helped create the most communicative and distinguished PowerPoint Templates. Moreover, it offers various high-quality resources such as PowerPoint Diagrams, Data Charts, and Shapes to be incorporated to enhance the visual appeal of presentations further.

Anyone can perform a single search on Google and find hundreds of templates, but the fact is that more than half the time you will find the templates to be irrelevant to your presentation. Whereas using SlideModel, you can find the perfect template for your presentation in a matter of few minutes. On the templates and resources are divided into categories to provide a user-friendly search interface, or the user can perform a keyword search to find pertinent resources. The website offers a subscription-based resource, it is very easy to use for new users because the clear and concise interface of the website leaves very little to confusion.  

By subscribing to, you can have access to the fastest growing gallery of 100% PowerPoint editable templates. There are different subscription plans available and depending on the user needs.  The Annual Unlimited plan is one of the best options available as it provides features like saving directly to the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive) and it comes with 10 licenses so you can give access to other team members to access the site. Also, this plan comes with unlimited downloads per day and unlimited downloads for the whole year.

There is also a special pricing plan for the educational and nonprofit organizations. Another highlight of SlideModel is that the users have the freedom to cancel the subscription anytime.

Here are some of the top categories available at

Business PowerPoint Templates

These templates are designed in order to help fulfill the needs of business official, marketing agents, and executives. Whether you have to present a weekly finance report, an annual data analysis report, a different finance strategy or a completely new project proposal; this is your go-to category. The template designs in this category have been designed with specific business topics in mind.

With the pre-designed presentation templates for business, the end user can combine slides with awesome diagrams and capture the audience attention with attractive presentation graphics.

This category also contains a large variety of diagrams. There are ones that are as simple as Snake diagram, process diagrams, stage diagram, or more complicated diagrams like the editable 3D ladders and 3D stacked diagrams that can be used in a range of presentations from a business meeting to informational seminars.


Attractive Editable Maps To Present Your Global Business

The editable maps category offers a collection of maps and map outlines to gives a more creative view to your presentations. Now you can easily make presentations involving geographical data, sales presentations or demographic reports. Using one of these maps in your presentations can help, for instance, to present where the new product will be introduced or what is the sales percentage in each territory.

Flexible Graphics with PowerPoint Shapes


Convey your ideas through the creative shapes, clipart, and stylized icons. Incorporating shapes like chess pieces to introduce a new strategy, clipart agenda to highlight your aims for the year or puzzle diagrams to show the different aspects of a problem.

Other Graphics and Pictures to Decorate your Presentations

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Make use of the pictures provided in this category to let your presentation do all the talking for you. The catchy graphics and phrases can easily engage your audience. Furthermore, you can fill color, effects, and shadows to adapt the pictures in accordance with your presentation theme.  For instance, the SUCCESS word cloud picture shown above is one of the images you can download and use as a slide in your presentations.

Data & Charts

The data templates in this field can help you present your data and its results in the most effective way possible while at the same time adding another element of design to your slides. Various bar charts, triangle shapes, and water charts are a good way to include serious data points and statistical information in a presentation.

Text & Tables:

Anyone can tell you that showing large tables with figures, values, and text is never a good idea to maintain the interest of the audience. The resources in this groups can be very powerful for ideas like pricing options, pros and cons, timetables, etc.   

Timelines & Planning

This class contains graphics that can be utilized in a very potent way to present the long-term goal achievement plan, creative roadmaps and various hurdles and their suggested solutions.


One the whole SlideModel presents a very simple, effective, powerful solution to the everyday presentation problems for individual professionals, teachers, students, and organizations. The resource is  a subscription-based website where the user can enroll into a subscription to download content for their presentations. It has thousands of PowerPoint templates (here are some of the latest PowerPoint templates available). It is a very versatile and time-saving tool that can be used to climb the organizational ladder.

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