Easiest Method To Calculate Your Handicap

It is impossible to take passion and golf together. It is a meticulous sport. It needs much planning even for taking a shot. You can’t play it easily without calculations and stuffs. Today we are going to learn a bit about the handicaps systems. In this article you will find how to find your handicap. It will be really easy after reading this, so make sure you read it till the end.

Handicaps were discovered since the evolution of golf. But every time you will find new methods or new versions for the same. They are becoming more confusing than before. You can try to find some history about it. You can watch some videos where USGA (United States Golf Association is explaining about it. The USGA was established in 1894 and you can find more info about it on the web.

How to Calculate your Handicap?

The perfect meaning of Handicap is one’s potential ability. This metric will describe how much strokes a golfer will be able to pay. This metric is based on the best 10 scores achieved by you in the last twenty rounds. To get this index you must play 10-20 games in your experience. A newbie for first time player can’t hit this score. A normal 18 hole game would be good enough or else you need 10 score in a 9 hole game

The differential of handicap will look something like this equation mentioned below.

(Adjusted gross score (ESC) – Course Rating) x 113 / Slope Rating.

Assuming that Your ESC is 85 and the course rating is around 74.2 and the slope rating is around 115 then the calculation will be like :

(85 – 74.2) x 113 / 115 = 10.6

You have to follow this method to find the perfect Handicap. Use the above equation after finding the rest of values.

What is the maximum handicap index?

Maybe you are a beginner and you want to find your handicap. After that you will consider how much highest other players have. Well for general purposes above 20 anything is considered good for a normal player. Also according to USGA maximum index for men is 36.4 and it is a bit higher for women. It is 40.4 for women. If you are playing a 9 hole game then it is 18.2 for male and 20.2 for females.

Final Words

So this was everything about how to find and improve your handicap. If you found this tutorial interesting then don’t forget to share this article and comment below if you have some other easy method to find your handicap. Stay tuned for more such interesting facts. Don’t forget to share it to golfer friends. 

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