5 Best Types of Flowers to Express Your Love Other Than Rose

There are some special days where you need to express your love with something more sincere than words. In occasions like this, flowers can always be a good option. There are many types of flowers that you can use to express your affection, either to your lover, parents or friends.

The most popular flower for this purpose is certainly red rose. But if you want to get creative and show something with different meaning, here are 6 flowers that you also can give to your loved ones to show your sincerity to them.


Carnation has very unique shape of petals and there are many meaningful stories behind it. It is dubbed as God’s flower and it can be used to convey various types of affection, especially motherly love. It is said that pink Carnation appeared on earth for the first time from the tears of Virgin Mary. This is the reason why carnation is now one of the very popular types of flowers for Mother’s Day, especially in the USA and Japan.

Besides to express motherly love, there are many things you can express with carnation. The first one is admiration. This tradition has been existed since the Victorian era. During those times, men would send carnation to women they admire. Now, carnation with lighter shade of red is used to represent admiration or when you want to know someone a little bit more.

In addition to pink and light red carnation, you can also use the white ones to symbolize first love. Meanwhile, flower with darker shade of red can be used to convey mature love.


Tulip is a very beautiful flower and it has various types of petals and colors. The best thing about tulip is each color represents different meaning. So, you can choose the most suitable color according to the message you want to convey.

Light colored tulips like yellow or pink symbolizes the cheerful feeling of first love. This is a perfect gift for your first lover, showing that you cherish your meeting and want to spend good days like this together for a very long time.

For couples that have been together for a long time, purple tulip will be more suitable because it represents everlasting love. Meanwhile, if you want to promise yourself to your lover to be together for eternity, red tulip is the best option.


If you are looking for a great type of flowers that can be gifted to men, orchid is the answer. Flower is not exactly a common gift for men, but there are actually many men who will love to receive a flower from someone they love. Orchid has a masculine vibe so don’t be afraid to present it to your boyfriend.


Dahlia is famous for its bright and cheerful colors as well as is long petals. Actually, dahlia is not exactly a flower that is used to express love. Dahlia is more common to symbolize the stages of life and taking on new challenge that will enrich our mind. For example, you can give dahlia as a gift for someone who is currently facing a challenging situation or having to make difficult choices.

However, dahlia actually can also be used to express love. White dahlia is a symbol of commitment. So, if you are thinking of proposing to your lover, this is the right flower that you can choose. You can also give blue or green dahlia when you want to step on a new start with your lover, for example when you ask your significant other to move in with you. Dahlia comes with extremely beautiful shape. So, it will be a perfect bouquet as well as house decoration.

Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath is small and delicate. So, it is very uncommon to give a bouquet of only baby’s breath to someone. This flower is actually usually used to complement other flowers. For example, wedding bouquet is usually surrounded by this flower in the edges.

Even though the size makes this flower looks less attractive alone, it actually holds a very deep meaning about love. Since the Victorian era, this flower has been known as a symbol of everlasting love. If you want to show your commitment to your lover, a corsage of baby’s breath or a bouquet of white rose with light purple baby’s breath around it will be perfect.

Besides to signify everlasting love, this flower is also commonly used to ask for forgiveness. When someone wants to reunite with their old lover, this is the right flower for it. Furthermore, lately many people also use this flower to symbolize fidelity.

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