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Cabs have come a long way from the old Hindustan ambassador or fiat ones to the Uber and Ola cabs. Even know things are changing. There’s a steady shift of interest from driver driven cabs to self-driven cabs and this wave is slowly catching up in major cities of the country. Uber and Ola had a major share in bringing about a taxi revolution here. Cabs were offered at such low rates that people began to prefer cabs more than rickshaws and buses.

Self-driven cars are becoming the new trend now and just like Uber and Ola, car rental services such as Zoomcar and Myles are creating a revolution and people have begun to embrace it in a very positive manner. Self-driven cabs though present earlier were quite expensive and a hefty amount was to be deposited in the name of caution deposits. Apart from these, you needed to produce quite a lot of verification details and there was an age limit, which meant that college students had a lot of restrictions and difficulties in obtaining a self-driven cab.

Things definitely have come a long way from those times. Self-driven cabs are more cheaper and prices are very much comparable to normal taxi fares. Self-Drive cabs is a system in which you get to own a car of your choice for a day or a particular period of time you wish for some amount decided by the company. Self-drive cabs are becoming hugely popular because people, both men and women have embraced the art of driving and have realised that driving alone can help them explore a lot more.

Self-drive cabs offer a lot of advantages such as more freedom to go to unknown places, no more discouragements from the driver to dampen your moods, no more lack of privacy issues that is no more drivers to eavesdrop on you and finally you drive with more safety and confidence because here you are the master of the cab. What makes self-drive cabs more better is the fact that your choice of cars isn’t restricted to just two, three types. Car rental services nowadays have a huge collection of cars ranging from normal hatchbacks to sedans and more luxurious variants. Here’s a list of the major players in this self-drive cab industry which are providing quite some quality services.

  • Zoomcar

The word Zoomcar’s almost become synonymous with self-drive cabs. They offer a wide range of self-drive cabs at unbelievable prices. Zoomcar’s managed to establish it’s presence in most of the major cities in the country. They offer cars of various types for a fixed period of time. This fixed period may vary from a few hours to a few days. The pricing system is quite attractive and the prices are inclusive of fuel charges. The cars available there ranges from the basic Ford Figo, Swift, to the ultra-luxurious Mercedes GLA and Audi Q3.

Renting a car from Zoomcar is quite an advantage because the prices are inclusive of fuel, taxes and insurance. The only thing you’ll be paying extra apart from the price shown in the website is the refundable caution deposit of Rs.5000. Your booking includes a damage insurance so that you can drive safely with a very peaceful mindset. Cars rented from them have an all India permit and therefore this entitles you to travel all through ought the country. All you’d have to pay extra for are those toll booths and entry taxes. They also has a 24*7 road assistance which means that help is always beside you even if something unwarranted happens. These guys also has a flexible pay package system where you can choose a balance between time and kilometres to make yourself an offer that suits you very much.

To rent a car from Zoomcar, all you’ve got to do is go into their page and sign up. Now just book a car of your choice and fix the dates and duration. Next to confirm your booking, you’ll have to upload your driver’s license and also pay a small security deposit. Now to unlock your car, they’ll SMS you your car’s number plate and you can unlock the car via SMS or through the Zoomcar app. Next, you’ll have to fill in a checklist either through the app or by calling them and then you can find the keys of your car in the glovebox. Once you’ve finished your ride you can drop the car at the same location you picked it up from and then fill in a return checklist to end the booking.

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Most of the time, you can find set of Zoomcar offers where you can get discounts of upto Rs.1500. There’s also a offer for new users where you get a flat off of Rs.800. There are also offers which entitle you to discounts of Rs.1200 while using VISA cards for booking. Just check in the site in the link to get a lot more info about the coupons and the deals available.

  • Myles

Myles is another key player in this area providing quite some good cars for you. What makes them a bit more different than Zoomcar is the fact you can choose to not pay for the security deposit at the time of booking. Instead you can choose to purchase a loss damage waiver starting at Rs.100 per day. They have a wider collection of cars which would include electric vehicles too. They also offer a discount of Rs.550 for first time users and also an off of Rs.500 on bookings of Rs.2500 and above. You get to choose from 38 variants of models in Myles at prices which wouldn’t really hurt that pocket of yours.

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Myles also helps you in other ways, like planning a trip to Ladakh. These people offer a trip to Ladakh in one of their cars which could be a Fortuner, XUV 500, Scorpio or an Innova with prices varying according to the cars. They also have a list of must see spots in Ladakh along with a list of restaurants that would help you in your trip to Ladakh.

Booking a car from Myles is quite an easy affair and is something which can be done either through the site or through the app. All you’ve got to do is select a car of your choice pick your destination and then some verifications and payments to get your hands on to your car. They have 250+ locations spread around in 21 cities to make your booking of car a lot easier. Myles also has a lot of coupons and deals to make your booking a more pleasant experience. They offer a 20% discount on sedans and hatchbacks in selected cities during weekends. Myles also offers Rs.1000 off on booking worth Rs.8000 and above, and an off of Rs.750 on spends of Rs.5000 and above.

The list of self-drive cab services in India is steadily growing and these two are just the tip of a large heap. You can find self-drive cabs offered by other local operators in your area with prices which might interest you, but if you’d ask me I’d go for the app based services owing to more security and open deals. However, at the end of the day, it still is your choice to make the option between going for an app based service or your local service operator or to go for the ordinary driver based taxi system.

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