Trick to Convert YouTube Video to WAV [Easiest Method]

As you all know, Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. Crores of videos are uploaded each day and millions of people watch those videos every day. It is very easy to upload a video on Youtube. One just has to make a Google account and log on to Youtube and start uploading.

Youtube has got many genres and categories in which one can view or upload any video. These categories range from, entertainment to fitness where one can view videos related to body and health. Other categories include gaming, technology.etc

Tech niche is a popular one among all, wherein many YouTubers upload videos, explaining how-to’s and reviewing gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices.

Keeping all these aside, we use Youtube to listen to our favorite songs. Artists such as Justin Bieber.etc rose to fame and are earning millions, it’s only because of Youtube. Artists make music videos and upload them on youtube. They are indeed fun to watch, but sometimes, we only want the audio. We want the audio to store it on phone and listen to it wherever we go. As most of the times, we wouldn’t be having the internet, it becomes really difficult to access Youtube.

So What Do We Do?

Thanks to few services on the internet, we can now download Youtube videos in our devices. That’s not all, we can download any video in the format we wish to download. Be it .mp4 or .mp3.  Another popular format is the WAV format. WAV or Waveform Audio File Format is the standard file format for storing audio files. It is most commonly used in windows PCs. One can download almost any Youtube video in WAV format and store it on their PCs. Generally, people want the audio of big events like TED talks and other motivational speeches. That is why downloading it in audio is important.

We have two ways, in which we can convert Youtube to WAV:

The first way is downloading the video in normal format and then using a software to convert. (hectic) The second way is to download the video directly as WAV. (Time-Saving)

To download a video directly as WAV one has to just log on to and paste the link of the Youtube video in the box. Then select WAV and voila! your video is downloaded as WAV. In case if this method doesn’t work, you can have a look at Youtube To WAV Converter for more ways to convert Youtube to WAV.

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