Selling on Instagram

Online selling surely becomes kind of great opportunity which cannot be ignored by many people. There is no doubt that people who have a dream for building a business can make their dream come true because of the online selling phenomenon. For selling product or service online, various methods can be used. Some people create eCommerce website for selling but of course it is not the only option which can be used. People are also able to find the opportunity of social selling. Instead of using specific website for selling, they use the social media for selling. Various social media platforms can be found and some platforms become the common choice for selling online. Nevertheless, many people maybe will not think of Instagram as the first platform which will be used for social selling. Number one option must be Facebook or Pinterest or Twitter. In fact, people can make solid enough lead for sales using Instagram as long as they use it correctly. In this circumstance, they have to follow the right steps for utilizing Instagram as social selling platform.

Turning Photos into Prints

The main function which people can get from Instagram is for displaying photos. There are so many photos which people can share through their Instagram account. Of course it means that the followers of the Instagram will be able to enjoy the photos for free from their Instagram account. Nevertheless, people can make money from their photos on Instagram by turning it into prints. They can learn from photographer Daniel Arnold who is able to grab a lot of money with orders of printed version of his photos on Instagram. It sounds strange for some people because Instagram basically becomes the tool for people seeing photos for free. People have to use the simple key for making the sales after all. They just need to ask people to buy from them. They can find the features which allow them to sell their photos on Instagram.

Instagram Store

Instagram cannot only be a free display place for photo nowadays. People even are able to make the Instagram Store with very simple step. The Instagram account will be updated and acted as the catalog for the followers by simply synced up the inventory. For turning the Instagram account into a digital store, people can use application such as Shopseen. There is no need to worry that it will be hard application to use because it offers simplicity for users. By linking the two, people will be able to upload the images into their Instagram account once it is confirmed.

Description Link

The big problem which people will find when they try to create their Instagram account as digital store is the fact that they cannot hyperlink in the content post. However, there is still one place where people can hyperlink to their asset. Hyperlink can be done in the Instagram description. People will be able to find the services for monetizing it after all. People can build the custom site which looks like the Instagram account with the support from Soldsie. It will be useful for avoiding the confusion of the customers and of course it will be useful for increasing the conversions.

Look Book Like

For some people, they do not want to make the store front. They prefer look book than storefront. By treating the Instagram like a look book, people will be able to display their products for brand promotion purpose without having to sell directly on their Instagram account. It can be useful for building solid foundation but people have to make sure that the conversion should be pushed back on their website.

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