Only With Computer and Skill, You Can Startup a Business

Some of you might think about how to get a job without need to go to office. Some of you also want to startup a business from home without need to prepare a high budget. There is that kind of job for you. Only by using your skill, computer and internet connection, you can startup business with low budget yet very promising. What is it? Check it out!


Everyone goes blogging today, so don’t underestimate this job. Why? Because only posting articles regularly on your blog, you can get paid. Promising, isn’t it? Yes, blogging can be the most potential startup business with low budget idea. You only need to prepare your computer, internet connection, and blogging skill, you can start it easily. If you have no blogging skill, don’t worry, you can easily browse online about the tutorials.

First, determine you blogging topic or area. Next, be up-to-date every day to search a new and interesting topic for your articles, know how to writer a good articles, make an interesting blog, and discipline to post your blog routinely. Take a note, blogging don’t earn you money instantly. It can take month even years that all depends on your efforts. But don’t be discouraged, there are so much people turn into real millionaire through blogging. So, you can also be one of them.


People who have a designing skill get a plus point when look for a job. Some people have designing skill even without taking class, but autodidact. You can use this skill to startup business as a freelancer designer. Work on your portfolio nicely and ask someone to recommend you to a company. It’s an easy way to get a job and work at home easily.

If you are a graphic designer, you can startup with a small project like designing logos, website templates, business cards, and the like. Particularly web developer, lots of individual or businesses are looking for their services to create a nice website. Post your work of arts on social media or on your own blog. You can use them as a startup of online business.

Freelance Writer or Translator

Do you have a skill to write good articles? Do you have a skill to speak in second language? You can choose from both jobs. Recently, there are lots of companies or government offices looking for a freelance writer or translator rather than recruit a jobholder. They can use their skill only when needed.

There are also some companies that recruit their employee particularly as writer or translator online. So, you can work while getting enough income. You can even work on your job while lay on the bed. What a fun job, isn’t it?

Online Consultant

Do you have knowledge in any specific industry and love to share it with others? About business, law, beauty care, designing, music, or other field, you can bet that people want to pay you for your knowledge. Moreover, people now don’t need to come to consultant’s office to get consultation. That’s all can be done by online. Well, online consultant may be your destined job. Use your social media to promote your job. As a startup, you can give discount consultations even free services online to some local business or individual. It’s the first way to get customers and broaden you name in the future.

A startup business doesn’t mean you should build a company building or get a big investment. You can try it from something small. You can startup business with low budget from your home only with your computer while utilizing your skill. Prove it!

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