The Forbidden Technology on F1 Cars

Are you a Formula 1 lover? As you know, there are some technologies that are forbidden or cannot be used on the F1 cars’ races. This rule is based on some aspect, and safety is one of the aspect that is supported this rule. So, here are some technologies that can be used on the F1 cars.

1. More than Four Tires (1976). This car is called Tyrell P34. This insane innovation is appeared on 1976 and it is designed by Derek Gardner. The aim of using four tires at front is for giving the bigger downside pressure at the front of this car so it will be easier to move.

2. Fan in the Back of the Car. This car is called Brabham BT46B. This is a modification of the Brabham BT46 that is used in the F1 race on 1978. Unfortunately, this car is allowed in only a race, the GP Sweden 1978. Fortunately, this car could win the race under the handle of Nikki Lauda. The designer of this car is Gordon Murray, a person that is also made the F1 McClaren car. The fan that is used is for pulling the air into the car that will be made the bigger pressure. This will make the car has the easier driving and faster speed than the other sompetitors.

3. Ground Effect. One of the car that is used this technology is Lotus 78. Ground Effect is a technology that is made by one of the genius F1 Designer, Colin Chapman. This idea is made for making the car is having more down force. This technology is can make a car has a very fast velocity. As the results, many F1 drivers are died when they were raced. The examples are Patrick Depailler that was died in GP German on 1980.

4. Double Chassis (1982). This technology is appeared on 1982. The usage of the double chassis is to maximize the ground effect of a car. This technology is used by the Lotus 88 car. However, there are many teams that disagree with this technology. That is why; this technology is avoided to be used in the F1 Races.

5. Gas Turbine (1968 – 1971). The designer of this technology is Colin Chapman. The lotus technology expert is ever tried to use the gas turbine as the car’s motor. However, because of the technical problems, this car is failed to finish at the F1 race. And this technology is never been succeed in the next period.

6. Four Wheel Steering (1993). This system is used on the Benetton B193C on 1993. This technology is made the four wheels are turning together and it is easier to turn. However, this technology is not having a great impact on the slow junction. B193C is only used at the testing section and it is never been used at the real races on F1. It is because this technology is less effective to be used at F1 races.

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