Advertising Trends: 3 Promising Grounds Besides Social Media

Advertising trends

When the first time they appeared, social media were simply used by people to communicate with long-distance friends or relatives, old friends whom they have not meet for a long time. The past few years have witnessed the shift in how people use the social media for business purposes, including for advertising. Actually, the new advertising trends are not limited to social media per se, there a number of new media choices, which the business owners can do to advertise their products and services.

The traditional advertising media outlets have witnessed how their customers have shifted to internet-based media. The following are some of the advertising trends that have eroded the conventional media:

Online Gaming

Gaming has been around for many years, but it is still evolving as the gaming providers are competing to provide the users with new experience in gaming world, particularly online gaming. Now, the gamers prefer to ‘combat’ in web-based games instead of computer-based ones. This opens a new chance for the business advertisers to ‘insert’ special contents in the game play. If you are an online gamer, you should be frequently offered with something to buy during the game play.

User Generated Videos

These new advertising trends are actually attributable to YouTube, as the leading user generated video sites. Such kind of sites is a great place for the advertisers to send the message to potential customers throughout the world. You can produce ads videos and let the world to see them.

Mobile-Device Apps

Smartphone or tablet-based apps are now easier to get, as most of them are available for free. This is actually an interesting ground for advertisers. They can produce image-based or text-based ads and even video performance on their products/services to see by the mobile device users while they download or run the apps.

Those are only parts of the actual advertising trends now available for business. There are many other options, including RSS Feeds and Podcasting. These new forms of advertising media are widely used. Certainly, new forms will appear along with the increasing technological advance on internet.

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