Support Strategies: 5 Simple but Effective Ways to Help Your Kids Through High School

Keeping kids happy, mentally healthy, and performing well through high school can feel like an unsolvable riddle. The teen years see kids withdrawing from their parents, becoming moody, and often losing focus on their goals. To help you through this often difficult time, here are five simple but effective ways to get your kids through high school:

1. Educational Support

Motivation goes out the window and stress levels spike when kids are struggling with their academic work. The knock-on effect of this is that their self-confidence plummets, which in turn affects their willingness to participate in new activities. This can see them lose a lot of momentum when it comes to their studies, hobbies, and interests. Everything starts to feel fated to fail. 

Thankfully, educational support can get kids back on track, and a great way to achieve that is through online tutoring. If your child doesn’t respond well to digital learning, you may wish to consider finding a local high school tutor for in-person lessons. Just be sure they get along well, and always listen to your child’s feedback about the tutor. 

2. Emotional Support

While emotional and mental health often hinges on how well kids are doing at school, that’s not all there is to it. Life is stressful, and being a kid in today’s world is harder than ever. Kids are isolated from one another, they spend less and less time outdoors, and often endure trauma within their families and social groups. 

Teenagers, in particular, find it difficult to open up about their issues and confide in an adult. Emotional support in the form of counseling or regular one-on-one time with an adult they trust can provide a safe place for self-expression. 

3. Encourage Good Socialization

Humans are social creatures – we need company in order to thrive. Feeling valued, acknowledged, supported, and appreciated is paramount to a sense of well-being, which in turn ensures kids are in the right headspace to persevere through difficult tasks and excel in their school work. Encourage healthy friendships by creating a safe space where teens can spend time together and develop close friendships. 

4. Support Hobbies And Interests

Having a hobby has been shown to improve kids’ performance academically. It’s true when they say that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Having a passion and nurturing that passion replenishes your kids’ proverbial cup, enabling them to step into class at school feeling confident in who they are as people. Hobbies can also help kids maintain motivation and a sense of fulfillment because they have the opportunity to pursue a passion. 

5. Encourage Rest

Netflix until noon on a Saturday? Sleeping all afternoon from time to time? If your teen needs downtime, a good rest can do wonders for their motivation and performance at school. It’s tempting to push kids to keep performing and stay productive, but this attitude is not conducive to good long-term performance. 

It’s okay to be lazy from time to time, especially when your body is growing and changing. It’s okay to waste a day just being a kid. This is the only time in their whole lives that they get to be kids, so let them make memories of relaxation and unaccountability. 

As the parent, you are more than just the provider. You must also role-model good behavior, help regulate overwhelm, and motivate your kids while still encouraging them to enjoy plenty of fun and relaxation. You can’t do this if you’re burnt out yourself. So, be sure to engage in and teach your kids about self-care so you can be present and calm for your teens.

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