Why Should You Check the UK Air Pollution Map?

Do you live in the United Kingdom? Or maybe you want to compare the air quality in various places in the world? If you are looking for a reliable source of information, you should definitely check out the UK air pollution map. Why is it worth monitoring the air quality level and where to do it? Keep reading to learn more!

UK air pollution map – what is it?

A UK air pollution map is an online map that shows the air pollution levels in the United Kingdom in real time. It displays information about PM10, PM2.5, PM1 particles as well as O3 and CO2. With its use, you can easily check the air quality in specific cities of the UK, see historical data, forecasts, data concerning temperature, and humidity.

Why should you monitor the air quality level?

Monitoring the air quality is essential regardless of the place where you live. However, it’s worth noting that there are particularly polluted cities like London. Living there means that you are constantly exposed to harmful substances and you should check the concentration of pollutants to keep your finger on the pulse.

Long-term exposure to harmful substances may have serious health implications. It can lead to asthma, heart problems, strokes, problems with concentration, respiratory and circulatory conditions as well as cancer and premature death.

Although deaths caused by smog usually aren’t immediate, staying on the safe side and monitoring air quality is crucial for well-being. That’s why it’s worth using a UK air pollution map that will help you make better decisions regarding your outdoor activities and exposure to smog.

Which UK air pollution map to choose?

If you want to obtain valuable information from proven sources, you should choose a professional UK air pollution map such as the one offered by Airly. It provides data in real-time. Therefore, you can conveniently check pollutants wherever you are. You just need internet access and a device like a smartphone or computer.

The takeaway

A UK air pollution map is a valuable source of information about nitrogen dioxide, carbon oxides, sulfur oxides, PM 2.5, PM1, and PM 10. If you want to take care of your health and well-being, track the situation in your city and resign from outdoor activities when the smog levels are too high. Thanks to it, you can protect your body from various conditions.

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