Photographer Alex Barredo takes on JLUXLABEL’s International Women’s Day campaign

For internationally-sought after photographer Alex Barredo, the true artistry behind his craft comes from the feeling he can conjure with just an image. Known for his vast contributions to architectural, portrait, fashion, and commercial photography, it is about telling a story for Barredo, which in turn showcases something extraordinary.

“Being in an environment and allowing yourself to capture the moment is the most important thing you can do. Whether it’s an amazing architectural location, or a beautiful villa with models shooting some designer fashion, every image should convey the feeling of actually being there on location. That’s what drives me to shoot, to chase that feeling over and over again. I’m just lucky that I’ve been able to make a career doing it,” he says.

Millions around the world have seen Barredo’s work. He is no stranger to shooting for world famous individuals, such as former First Daughter Ivanka Trump for the launch of the Trump Tower in Vancouver, or for renowned brands like Leicht, the German kitchen company. More recently, he has collaborated with JLUXLABEL, the leading online retailer for women’s fashion. He has shot many of their top promotions, including the 2021 Spring Floral Collection, their biggest collaboration ever with Nordstrom, and most recently, their International Women’s Day campaign.

The campaign for International Women’s Day was called TONAL. It was a celebration of women of all types, shapes and colors. JLUXLABEL featured their fitted cottons that range in every tone of skin from fair to dark. They are also form fitting to accentuate the curves of every woman. The campaign featured six different women of different ethnicities from all walks of life. Partial proceeds went to Girls Inc. to help young girls’ development and education.

“A campaign like this was so important because it wasn’t trying to just sell a product, but rather to empower and celebrate women of all shapes and sizes. It was important to have the followers of JLUXLABEL proud of the brand as a whole,” says Barredo.

JLUXLABEL is founded and run by women, and this made the campaign even more personal for Barredo. The women in the office had many opinions of how the shoot should go, and he listened to all of their opinions, knowing the collaboration between them and himself would be key for the shoot’s success.

“Alex was very open minded and passionate about keeping our campaign mission intact. We wanted to really bring out the diversity in shapes and sizes and colors of all women and he took his time to make sure all the models were comfortable and aware of what the message was,” says Marketing Director Anna Park. “Alex really has a long experience with making the team feel comfortable and made the shoot fun and lively. His ability to find the angles and the right beauty made not only the garments look great but the dynamic with the group shots make that much more of an impact.”

Barredo led a very large team of 15 people, with six models each with their own makeup artists and stylists. A larger team meant a lot of planning to ensure everything stayed on track. When the day came, the shoot went very smoothly and Barredo could not have been happier.

“Knowing that the shoot had a message about empowering women and girls to be self-aware and take a stand for equality, with partial proceeds going to Girls Inc., it’s just so nice to know your work is making a difference like that,” he says.

The initial teaser for the campaign received a lot of buzz, with over ten thousand customers signing up to get first access to the collection. All that planning and the long day of shooting has already paid off for Barredo, who can’t wait to see what the campaign achieves long term. 

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