How to design a room virtually?

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A room is a place where we do spend a lot of time. Many people often disregard the necessity of reorganizing a room while some do care for a beautifully prepared room.

If you are thinking of redesigning the room you already have or thinking of preparing a room for a specific purpose then the best way to do this is to design it virtually before making the final decision. Let me show you an example.

Mr. X is preparing a room for massage. Mr. X wants to put many amenities there so that he can satisfy his clients with the best service available. As the interior of the room is important he also wanted to do the interior design with full dedication.

For the interior decoration and arrangement of the room, it is not a wise idea to build everything, again and again, to check which one fits the best. The wise idea would be to virtually design the room with wanted amenities and then select the most suitable one from the multiple final designs and drawings.

Choosing a design from multiple virtual designs for your room has certain benefits. Benefits include not limited to-

  1. Having a virtual design allows you to check the best design for the end-users.
  2. Virtual design is cheap and if you do it by roomtodo, it is free. This reduces the cost of building and then changes the scenario.
  3. The real-life problems can be simulated using the virtual room builder apps that help in deciding which design is the best suitable and cost-effective.
  4. Making a virtual design beforehand of construction allows knowing how your to be built room going to function. It gives you an overall idea of how the room will look and how to use the amenities in the best possible way.

How to Design a Virtual Room?

To design a virtual room, you need to use online or offline applications. Usually, the offline applications are expensive and require extensive knowledge on designing and modeling, hence I will discuss free online applications assuming that you are a user with zero knowledge of room or home design.

Primary Planning to Build a Virtual Room

As you are not an expert, you need to prepare a few measurements beforehand. First of all measure lengths, width and heights of the room, you want to build virtually. This will help you build the room easily.

Secondly, make a hand sketch of the room. Mark the places with furniture or electrical appliances. Fix the place for washbasin, conduits for water transporting, places for fixing the wall sockets and all other important things you want to keep. For example, if you want to place a flower vase or decorative plant in your fix a primary position for that.

 This preparation will give you a clear idea of the space you have in your hand and the space you can utilize.

Transforming the Hand Sketch to a Virtual Design

For making the virtual room we will use roomtodo. Roomtodo is a free virtual room planner. It is an online software means you can use it using your PC’s browser. No setup or preknowledge on design is required.

Using the import feature of the roomtodo, import an image of the hand sketch. You can start drawing over your hand sketch. Just create the layout using the create wall option from the right pane. You can also use the ‘Çreate Room’ option to create the room.

Then cut off the walls and floors for windows, doors or conduits using the ‘Wall Cutoff’ or ‘Floor Cutoff’option.

Now is the time for painting and placing the coverings. Paint the wall will the color you want and choose the floor types from the available floor types. Add floor mats, rugs, carpets, etc from the ’Çoverings’menu.

To add the electrical appliances, use the options available in the right pane, place them in the pre-determined position, Fix the size of the electrical appliances by selecting the size.

Add furniture in the room using the ‘Furniture’option. The library of roomtodo is well build-up with different kinds of furniture, so you need not worry about making them on your own. Just drag and drop the furniture you want and adjust the size.

For decorative items like flower vases, plants, or paintings use the ‘Decor’menu. You can also decorate your home with other types of decoration from the ‘Miscellaneous’menu. Do not forget to adjust the size of your needs.

There are still some works left.

Place the wall sockets, conduits for water, placing the lights, fan, etc. will finish the virtual room design preliminarily.

Now as it is ready make a copy of this design and save it.

Now we need to tweak the design by changing the place of the electrical appliances, furniture lighting, decorative items, etc. Change the wall paints and floor coverings to make a different look. It should not take more than 1 hour.

Check the new design, if it is good to go, save and export it again.

By this process, you can build as many designs as you want. At the end of the few hours of works, you will have around 10 different virtual designs of your room.

Now discuss with your family members, colleagues, and others to select the best design. After selecting the best design or after discussing it with others you can make the change as it is saved online.

The best part of roomtodo is it is very easy to learn and it is free to use. This is really good for the housewives who want to decorate or re-organize the rooms. In the leisure period, designing the own room by the DIY process can save some bucks as well as will learn something educative to play with.

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