Environmentally conscious production and as little waste as possible, that’s how we do it!

FSC certified paper

We believe that sustainable production starts with the use of sustainably produced paper. That is why we only work with paper that contains an FSC quality mark.

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, an international organization committed to conservation and responsible forest management worldwide. The habitat of plants and animals is protected and trees are only failed if this is in line with responsible ecological, social and economic aspects.

By working with this sustainably produced paper, we know for sure that we choose to protect nature and preserve a green planet.

Reuse of waste material

We are always looking for ways to reuse waste material. For example, you can imagine that when cutting paper to size, a lot of other ‘waste paper’ remains. We have already done several fun projects where we have been able to use this leftover paper. For example, consider making small notepads.

We look further than our own paper for the reuse of waste material. When we order materials ourselves, we reuse the wrapping paper or plastic where possible.

Separating and recycling waste

We also think it is important to separate waste. During production, of course, there is always something left over from waste material, including paper that we can no longer reuse. This is housed in large containers, which go to a company that recycles paper. In this way, these residues are transformed into new sheets.

But we go further than recycling waste paper. For example, we and all employees pay attention to the separation of waste that is generated during the lunch break, for example.

As little plastic as possible

Where in the past we often worked with plastic film and tape for packaging, today we have found more sustainable alternatives to send packages in a safe way. We use sustainable filling paper for this. By placing this in an effective way, we ensure that the printed matter is not damaged during shipment.

In addition, we therefore use packaging material that we have received through orders from our suppliers. By combining our own sustainable packaging material and reusing existing packaging material, we try to keep the impact on the environment as low as possible.

Conscious handling of material

All in all, we are looking for as many ways as possible to do business in a socially responsible manner. Awareness raising is of paramount importance, because this way we can always think about new ways to work sustainably and to waste as little material as possible.

Are you placing an order with us? Then you at least know that you are opting for a committed company and responsibly produced paper with a view to forest conservation. Together we go for a beautiful world for now and in the future!

Personalize your calendar 

Personalizing the corporate agenda is a good choice, because it is functional for employees on the one hand, and a nice addition to the desk on the other. For example, by adding the company logo on the front and the date pages, employees get a better feeling with the company. The house style always comes out well. You can also personalize instead of  a calendar with some flags (translation: vlaggen drukken) in front of your company. Everyone who walks past your premises or office will feel warm and welcome. Or send some personalized postcards (translation: ansichtkaarten drukken) to your employees to make them feel special. 

In addition to the overall appearance, it is also possible with us to personalize the agenda per person. For example, we can add the name and position of the employee on the front or inside.

All in all, the entire agenda can be adapted to the house style. Think of:

  • Adding a logo;
  • Personalize per employee;
  • Customize colors and font;
  • Include additional pages of business information;
  • Both cover and inside can be adjusted as desired;
  • Optional: round corner finish.

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