How to Handle a Beetle Infestation in Your Home, Yard, and Garden

Beetles can be found everywhere. Although some kinds of beetles can be beneficial to nature, you will not want them in your house. Beetles can be destructive, especially bark beetles that tend to damage trees significantly. In homes, beetle species can get into stored food, furniture, and structural timber. Sometimes, you can get rid of beetles through proper food storage; however, it is usually more complicated to get rid of those in your yard. In this case, you need help from Barrier Pest Control in Boise

Getting Rid of Beetles in Your Home

Beetles inside your house can be of different species. You may have beetles that infest stored goods like drugstore beetles or cigarette beetles or those that bore wood and damage your home’s structure. Often, you can get rid of beetles from stored food by preventing them from infesting your storage in the first place. When treating beetles in homes, you must identify and destroy infested materials. Also, exclusion is a method to limit the exposure of other items to infestations. Put food items in airtight hard plastic containers. 

To get rid of wood boring or wood-infesting beetles you need to use another method. These beetles’ larvae bore into wood surfaces to create a space where they can change into adults. For wood-boring beetles, you can use different spot treatments such as controlling wood moisture, freezing, using surface covers, and insecticide treatments. The majority of insecticides designed for these pests are restricted and only certified pest control technicians can use them. 

Killing Yard Beetles

In some instances, a beetle issue can impact your landscaping. Bark beetles lay their eggs on a tree’s bark layer. Once the larvae are hatched, they bore into the tree, disrupting its life cycle and killing it. You can control beetle issues in your yard by pruning and getting rid of infested trees. Also, you can treat nearby trees and soil with insecticides, so the infestation will not spread and minimize tree stress. 

Dealing with Flea Beetles in the Garden

Flea beetles emerge from the soil as the temperature reaches 50 degrees F. Once you notice them on your plants, you can use a trusted pesticide that can kill these pests and help prevent damage to your tender seedlings. Just ensure your garden edibles are matched to the product label. Also, there should be guidelines for intervals between treatment and harvest that you should follow. 

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