All You Need to Know About Sticky Prints

All You Need to Know About Sticky Prints

Sticky prints are a great way to display your beautiful prints. These sticky prints are incredibly easy to apply on any clean and flat surface. Later on, you can easily remove these sticky prints from the surface. You can create a wide range of sticky prints of your birthday parties, family outings, favorite memories, and weddings.

It is worth mentioning here that sticky prints are not stickers, and they do not use any glues or adhesives. Hence, they won’t leave any residue marks on your walls. Hundreds and thousands of suction cup-like dots on the rear surface create a brilliant sticky suction that makes it removable, repositionable, and incredibly easy to apply. Sticky prints allow you to create your prints online.

How to Clean Sticky Prints?

Cleaning sticky prints is incredibly easy. Depending on the interior of your wall surface, a sticky print’s side or any corner may slightly lose suction with time. If this happens, simply rub your hand over the surface to stick it back. Finally, wipe the dust with a clean, dry cloth. Avoid using any cleaning fluids.

How to Print Picture on a Sticker?

Adopt the following procedure to print the picture on the sticker.

  1. Insert the sticky paper into the tray of your printer
  2. Open the file (picture) on your computer
  3. Print this file on Microsoft Word Design
  4. Go to printer properties and select “other photo paper” because sticker paper is a photo paper.
  5. Finally, select the quality you want your sticker to print

How to Stick a Picture to Print on a Wall?

You can stick a picture to print on a wall by fastening it with double-sided tape or self-adhesive tape. You can also stick the picture on the wall using double-sided adhesive tape or hanging strips. To achieve this objective, you must attach the tape generously to the back of your picture and press the picture firmly against the wall for a minute.

How to Stick a Picture on the Wall without Damaging the Wall?

There are a few methods of sticking the picture on the wall without damaging the wall. Here are a few of them:

  • Use hooks with special adhesive
  • Use a decorative tape
  • Hang your art on clothespins
  • Use some wire display
  • Apply magnetic paint

Do Sticky Stickers Damage the Wall?

Usually, sticky prints do not damage the wall; however, if the walls are too thin, the paint may peel off with the Blu Tack. However, if the wall surface is porous, oils from the adhesive may seep into it.

Careful cleaning can help you take care of these blue stains and leave the walls unblemished. You can use hooks with a special adhesive.

Final Words

Sticky prints are a great way to display your memorable pictures. They work best on any interior clean and flat surface. If you want to display them, simply peel and place them in your desired location. Later on, if you change your mind, you can easily remove and reposition whenever you like.

These sticky prints allow you to print collage displays within minutes. As mentioned earlier, sticky prints are not stickers. Its stickiness comes from thousands of tiny suction cup-like dots on the back of the print. This indicates that sticky prints do not leave any residue, marks, or peel the paint from your walls. You will certainly like these sticky prints.

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