6 Fabulous Hair Colour Ideas

Are you feeling bored with the hair colour you have at the moment? Or perhaps you’re in a different mood than usual, and you’d like to express this by changing your hair colour! Maybe you have just found a colour that you would really like to try out! If you are in search of some fabulous hair colour ideas, then browse through our short pick and maybe you’ll find inspiration!

1. A Rich Chocolate

Brown is a basic colour, and there are so many shades to choose from! For an elegant and luxurious look, you may decide on dying your hair a deep chocolate brown. This colour will look perfect on short or long, curly or straight hair! It’s also a fantastic colour to choose for either autumn or winter since it’s a bit darker!

2. Stylish with Caramel

Caramel is somewhere in the middle of the shades of blonde and brunette. Making it a perfect shade to choose, if you can’t pick between the two colours mentioned before. A lot of people choose to dye their hair caramel for summer, adding highlights to their hair that is a few shades lighter. The combination of these two will create a gorgeous sunkissed look. You couldn’t ask for more during the months of summer!

3. A Light Blonde

We all know the saying that blondes have more fun, but is it really true? Well, maybe you’d like to find out, by giving your inner blonde a chance to shine by dying or bleaching your hair! Try out light and shiny blonde, that will look perfect, regardless of your complexion or the colour of your eyes! Naturally, you don’t have to go platinum blonde, you may just think about trying out a deeper shade of blonde firstly, such as honey or a dirty blonde.

4. A Glowing Auburn

Maybe you are trying to find a hair colour that will stand out in the crowd. One colour comes to mind immediately, which is no other than auburn! While incorporating a darker shade of hair, it also adds a bit of red to the hair, giving it an exciting look. This is a perfect choice for someone who would like to try out red eventually but doesn’t know how the colour would match their look. Auburn is also a more natural colour than an intense red.

5. Stunning in Silver

A new hair colour that has been trending for several years now is grey or silver. This hair colour is guaranteed to give anyone an ethereal and angelic look. You’ll have to get your hair bleached beforehand, so keep that in mind! After that, you’ll be able to try out a stunning silver!

6. A Stylish Ombre

If you can’t decide between two hair colours, why not opt for an ombre? Ombres are all about blending from one colour, into another, looking incredibly gorgeous! It will look amazing on both long and short hair!

We trust that you have found some ideas that will help you in choosing a new hair colour!

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