Eva Rutten, Celebrated Dutch Model In New York City

When Eva Rutten puts her mind to something, it isn’t just a goal, it is a soon-to-be-reality. That sheer determination has been with her since she was just 12 years old, growing up in Loosdrecht, Netherlands, when she was looking at a magazine admiring the photographs. She decided at that moment that she wanted to be a model, focusing on that vision. She quickly applied to a newspaper ad for a modeling agency and was invited to do a test shoot, and she was officially a model. From that moment on, Rutten has spent her career focusing on one goal at a time, manifesting those goals into fruition. 

“I love fashion, posing and creating poses that have never been done before. I was never intimidated by being in front of the camera, I was shy being in big crowds. Through modeling I can be creative and extraordinary, I can experiment, and I can make every photo look different by trying different angles. I love being challenged and find it helps me to deliver my best work. With modeling I can completely show my character, versatility, and creativity,” she said

Now known around the world for her work, Rutten has a decorated resume. The greatest highlight came from closing the show for Dair Design at New York Fashion Week in 2017, a tremendous honor and a significant event for anyone in the fashion and modelling industries. The same could be said when she walked the runway for Alister Mekhi at New York Fashion Week in 2019. Her success in New York City is extraordinary, and Rutten has worked hard to make it to the top.

Starting her career at a young age, Rutten was featured on a national commercial campaign for a major supermarket company in the Netherlands, and then was one of the dancers in a music video for DJ Don Diablo. She also participated in a modeling competition in 2009 and won a make-up campaign by Teeez cosmetics. These events sparked her international success, allowing her to spend her twenties working with many major brands. She was a Runway Model for Diana von Furstenberg, Dair Design, Joitoi clothing, and Elisabetta Franchi, featured on the Dutch television show Adam is looking for Eve, was the face of several music festivals in Europe, worked on a “Me Too” campaign with world renowned photographer Aaron Klussman, and collaborated with fellow model Chris Hernandez on a bridal shoot that was published in in Ellements Magazine, to name a few.

“Eva is very professional and flexible. She adapts to every environment and changes extremely well. She is creative and has this strong face that everyone wants to capture. She influenced the industry with her creativity and is a true chameleon.  Her personality is what keeps her successful in this industry, entering every room with a positive and bright spirit. People in the industry want to work with her, she is professional, always on time and delivers her best work and is very efficient,” said Chris Hernandez, known for his work on America’s Next Top Model.

Rutten has also done very well in the pageant world, starting with the Miss World Bikini Model Netherlands 2011, a beauty pageant that was held in Antwerpen, Belgium. Rutten took home the crown and went on to Miss World Bikini held in China and Taiwan, where she ended up in the top 20 of 60 countries. That same year, she also competed in Miss Tourism, an annual international beauty pageant run by the D’ Touch International Sdn. Bhd. Foundation.

The pageant was first held in 1994 in Malaysia, where 23 contestants competed. Rutten competed in 2011 and won the title Miss Tourism. Because of Rutten’s performance in these pageants, her photos and titles were featured on the front page of the Miss Holland Now website and social media pages. Miss Holland Now was the first beauty pageant platform in The Netherlands, where you can find information about current and past Dutch pageants. 

Her pageant success also had her featured in the Miss Multiverse social media campaign. Miss Multiverse is an epic multi-destination travel adventure that follows a group of women participating in a challenging personality competition. The program provides viewers an insider’s look of the most amazing tourist destinations through the eyes of real people as they follow the contestants journey towards personal growth, exploration of new culture and magical places. Miss Multiverse is a beauty pageant that stands for strong, independent and young entrepreneurs. Rutten won the Miss Social Media award because of her strong online presence. She was the most present, most creative with creating content and she was able to connect with so many followers.

Right now, Rutten is continuing her work with Dair Design, and is booked to walk for his digital runway show and shoot for his look book for the next three years in New York City. Despite the challenges that the pandemic has brought to her craft, she is eager to keep working towards making future goals a reality.

“One day I was reading my favorite European magazine, Grazia, and I said to myself, I want to be in this magazine. One year later, I did not just have a photoshoot but also an interview,” she concluded. “I was not someone who never thought about modeling; I was not discovered on the street and I have received many ‘no’s, but I am a living example that you can make things happen when you believe in yourself, no matter how many rejections you may have received in your life. If you believe and act on it, you will start to see the beauty of loving yourself.”

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