Exploring International Relationships with Actor Kevin Dary in new film

Performing has always been the driving force in Kevin Dary’s life. This passion was born when he was just a child in the beautiful town of Marseille in France; he valued the arts, and began dancing at a young age. This led him to the stage and sets, where he felt both comfortable and engaged. When he began working on music videos and finding himself immersed in the world of film and television, he discovered his true love of acting, where he could pour some of himself into the character he was creating to tell a poignant story. 

“Stories from certain movies, relationships between characters, it all made me feel like the movie was made for me or talked to me directly. It would make me feel emotions and wonder about my life, my choices, and I feel so much better thanks to all of that. I wanted to be a part of this process and thought that if someone could one day tell me that a performance made them think about their life, or made them feel better for a second, had any kind of impact, then it was worth it. To pass along something that I know helped me feel good in my own skin,” he said.

Dary is now an esteemed actor and voice actor, recognized in his home country and abroad for his immense talent. Whether in front of a camera or in a sound booth, Dary knows how to captivate an audience, evident with his work in many acclaimed projects, including the award-winning films Prego and The Swamp and his countless voice projects with Voxx Studios.

Dary’s latest success is a project close to his heart, as he not only stars in the film, but he also co-wrote the script. La Chambre de Claire was born from an idea Dary had with fellow actor Kiara Beltran. The two had discussed working together often and showcasing what life can be for international couples. As Beltran also speaks French, they decided to tell a story that not only could show the life of an international couple, but that would also touch the hearts of many, with a theme that could happen to anybody, regardless of their gender, race, and ethnicity. 

The film follows Laura (played by Beltran) and Nicolas (played by Dary) on the day of their engagement. Laura and Nicolas find out that Nicolas’ sister has been in a car accident leaving her in a coma. Laura decides to give her the news through a camera while Nicolas finds this disturbing, believing his sister will wake up any moment. As time passes, Laura keeps using the camera to keep Claire posted about what’s been happening, which only creates more tension between the couple, affecting not only their decisions regarding Claire’s life, but also their own.

“Family is a topic that will always spark something in people, and I truly love the fact that this story will surely make conversations happen between people who have seen the movie. Nicolas and Laura need to talk to better understand each other in the film. Here’s to hoping this can inspire people to do the same,” said Dary.

After the script was completed, Dary, Beltran, and Producer Miranda Guzman decided to use a “found footage” style of shooting, to immerse the audience even more in the story. All the scenes are actually shot by the actors, using a handheld camcorder, the same camcorder that is central to the plot of the film. Such camera work added an extra layer to the acting both in French and English, as the film has scenes in both languages. As the main character, Dary used this unique style to his advantage, creating a dynamic that truly captures the many emotions Nicolas goes through. The story is very much a battle between Laura and Nicolas and their ideas and vision of life. There is no conflict without his desire to keep believing, and his stubbornness to hang on to anything he can. His arc was very familiar to Dary, and he channeled those emotions to make the performance stronger and more grounded. 

“Kevin searches deep in himself for every role, and makes sure to stay true to a reality that he knows and can use in his work. I know this is why he was also able to make it in voice acting, the format doesn’t matter to him, he makes it real for himself, and that translates to the camera or the microphone. Kevin is so aware of his unique style and personality, and he embraces it, even the flaws and drawbacks. That really makes every single one of his works interesting and relevant. He is genuine,” said Guzman.

The film is currently in its festival run, and it has been screened at the 16th ReelHeart International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada, where it was an Official Selection. It is also in the Lift-Off International circuit, which, due to the pandemic, was reorganized as an online event over several cities, so the film is slated to be Official Selection of the 2021 Manchester Lift Off International, but was also considered for the Paris 2020 and Berlin 2021 editions. It was also semi-finalist at the Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival 2020.

“It is always an honor to have your work recognized, and to think that such prestigious festivals deemed the film to be part of their official selection really touched my heart. I didn’t make the film with the recognition in mind, and frankly I doubt most artists chase awards, but when something like this happens, it is the cherry on top,” said Dary.

Keep an eye out for La Chambre de Claire and more of Dary’s work throughout 2021.

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