NHS Funding For Care Home Residents: How Can You Apply?

Finding the money for a care home can be a stressful process for those elderly relatives that do not have access to a large amount of money in their savings. Though, this does not mean that they have to opt for a cheaper care home as a result. In this article, we will be outlining the help that you can get from NHS trusts to cover the costs.

Finding The Right Care Needed

Finding the perfect care home for a loved one in need of 24/7 care is something that several families have to face every year. However, with some having smaller budgets than others, funding the funding needed to get your loved one the best possible level of care can be the most challenging and therefore, help from the NHS may be required to cover the cost.

The Funding The NHS Can Provide

The NHS has been responsible for providing free public healthcare to the people of the British public since the end of the second world war, but what many people don’t know is that they can provide funding for those that need it for their loved ones to stay in a care home. In addition to funding for those that need it for a care home they also provide funding for at-home care as well as a nursing home or a hospice for those people that need it the most, regardless of whether it is care homes Cambridge has to offer or another from a different area of the UK.

What Is Required For You To Qualify?

To qualify for the funding, it is important to make sure that your loved one is assessed by two or more nurses from the care home or trust. From there, they will use a series of criteria to determine whether or not your loved one is eligible for this. If your loved one is eligible for this, then you are likely to receive a large sum of many from the NHS to cover either all or some of the cost of the care that your loved one needs. This can take some time to be put into your bank account, however, it will allow you to pay for the care for a few months before your next instalment.

How Do I Arrange An Assessment?

The process of arranging an assessment could not be any easier. Simply ask your GP, care home manager or a social worker to arrange an assessment for your loved one through the NHS continuing healthcare system. The appointment will then be set and organised for a specific date where the nurses will come to visit.

What To Do If You Are Not Eligible

If the assessment finds that you are not eligible for this level of care, there are several other loan types out there that you may be eligible for. Though they may not provide the same amount of funding, they will certainly help in the long term.

With this in mind, there are several different types of funding that you can receive from your local NHS trust, all of which can help to give your loved one the best possible care in your chosen care home.

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