Tips For Creating A Business Tone Of Voice (And Why It Matters)

Finding a tone of voice is an essential part of establishing your brand and differentiating it from others on the market. Nowadays, countless businesses offer the same products or services, so you need to have a tone of voice that’s relevant and unique.

Creating a business tone of voice, however, takes a lot more thought than you may think. You can enroll in a copywriting course as one route to understand why it is crucial and develop your business’s personality and voice.

To give you a head start though, we’re sharing some tips below to help you on your journey to creating a brand voice and why it matters so much.

Understand Your Values

Before you can do anything as a business, you need to define your values. What is it that you believe in as a brand and how can you offer that value to your customers. Ultimately, your tone of voice should express your values without having to explain them.

An excellent way to settle on your values is to think about why you started your business to begin with and what you want to offer your customers. This can be easier to do when you include other members of your team. If you manage to get insight from different people, you can see various perspectives and truly fine-tune your voice accordingly.

Develop Guidelines For Everyone To Follow

Many people will likely need to use the brand voice somehow and, therefore, remaining consistent is extremely important. Everyone needs to be on the same page in order to send across the same message to customers.

Developing a brand tone of voice guideline will be extremely beneficial to ensure that whoever needs to communicate with the audience, in whatever form that may be, knows exactly how to remain faithful to what the brand stands for.

Become Increasingly Familiar With Your Target Audience

It’s one thing knowing who you are selling to, but it’s another thing to learn precisely how to speak to them in a way that they can relate to. A copywriting course can help with this too.

Different groups relate to different tones and languages. To become completely comfortable with your business’s tone of voice, listing out your target audience’s characteristics and preferences can help shape who you are and, simultaneously, how you communicate. Keep in mind, though, you want to remain authentic even while you try to resonate with your audience.

Remain Consistent But Flexible Too

Your business’s tone of voice will become an established part of you, and this is important for your customers to remember you out of your competitors. Though, with the changing times and speed of the world, becoming adaptable is essential too.

This is not to say that with every new trend, your tone of voice needs to change. However, understanding the difference between changing completely and being flexible when trends come and go is critical. 

As you evolve, so do your customers. Adapting your communication to match that will serve you well.

Take these tips into account when creating your business’s tone of voice. Make it unique and personal to you but also relatable to those you are trying to target. Don’t rush either; your tone of voice will naturally develop as you become more explicit about who you are and why you exist.

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