A Simple Akubra Hat Buying Guide

Akubras are Australian icons for a reason – these hats made from rabbit pelts since the mid-nineteenth century in Australia, and much of their production process remains the same. Because of their hard wearing design and place in Australian lore, Akubras have been the favoured hats of all sorts of people, including bush poets, drovers, stockmen, squatters and now even a lot of city folk are getting on board. Akubras are a lot more than the snowy river look, though – in this article, we take a look at what kinds of Akubras are out there so you have a better idea of what might suit you.

The different styles of Akubras available today

Whether you’re looking for an Akubra designed for hard work or looking good, there are options for everyone out there. The traditional Country style, or the “man from Snowy River” range are what most people associate with Akubras. These hats are represented by the Cattleman, the Coober Pedy, and the Riverina in the Akubra range. Their work design is reflected in the medium sized brim and standard crown height, and those working in hot weather will definitely find value in the varieties that have ventilation eyelets and are unlined. Those looking for more of a US-influenced cowboy style might instead look to the Western range, where hats like the Rough Rider, Bronco, Boss, Mansfield High Country and Akubra Arena hat all carry a huge presence. These hats are a bit taller than the Country varieties, are fully lined inside and have wider brims. If you’re after a hat more for going out and looking flashy, many people don’t know that Akubra also produce fedoras. Best represented in the Stylemaster, Banjo Paterson, the Campdraft, Leisure Time and the Bogart varieties, in accordance with their slick looks, the Akubra fedoras are extremely soft and supply and are fully lined.

Understanding Akubra specifications

When it comes to Akubra hat shaping, the hats typically arrive pre-shaped with a creased crown, but it is possible to change this. For example, steaming and shaping a Campdraft hat can give some very rustic vibes, and even if it doesn’t end up looking like how you’d prefer it you can just steam it back into shape again. In terms of sizing, it is usually recommended that people size up rather than size down. This is because Akubras will often shrink over time, making a smaller hat even more uncomfortable in the long run. If you still find the larger size a little bit too big for your head, it is also possible to use a hat insert or even just insert something into the crown of the hat to make it feel a little bit less spacious. If your find your hat has shrunk too much (such as a scenario where you leave it in the sun for an extended period of time), this can be rectified to some extent with a hat stretcher.

Choosing the right Akubra for you

Considering the above points should give you some fashion idea of what Akubra is right for you. and there’s never been a better time to buy in, either – getting one sooner rather than later will help you to break it in, and soon you’ll be able to enjoy beautifully soft felt for yourself.

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