Top 7 Best Wall Clock Brands to Choose In 2021

The world of wall clock has completely revolutionized in the past decade with the advent of many excellent models. They aren’t only just used for telling time nowadays because it serves as the pride of the home nowadays. Due to this, everyone must invest in the right clocks to boost the décor of their homes. 

In this post, we will talk about the top 7 best wall clock brands that are going to run the business in 2021. See whether your favorite one made the list or not!

1. Titan

Titan will always be considered the king when someone talks about the watches. In recent years, the company has started making many amazing wall clocks having a terrific set of features in a diverse price range. 

They are the owner of many top brands like Octane, Raga, Sonata, and Fastrack among others. You can easily find a great number of models to choose from for matching the décor of your place. 

2. Rolex

If someone talks about luxurious watches, then there is no way that we can miss the name of this brand. A Rolex wall clock comes with a great sort of appreciable features that no one can offer in the market.  This company is known for creating ultra-stylish & pure stainless-steel models. 

It is pretty guaranteed that you will fall in love with the designs of this luxurious brand’s wall clocks. 

3. Random

The next brand we want to mention is Random whose wall clocks are known for contemporary feel and design. This company mainly involves in the manufacturing of designed wall watches giving a completely cool look to your place.

You can call them a classic combination of style, elegance, and price. This deadly mixture allows them to match up the appeal of modern homes. 

4. Hito

Hito is a terrific company whose wall clocks are known for sleek and simple designs giving a decorative look to your room or office. They always manufacture reliable & quality models that stay the same for decades without asking for too much maintenance. 

This brand allows the buyers to choose from a great sort of different designs making sure everyone can shop something matching their décor perfectly. 

5. Ajanta

There is no way we can miss the name of this terrific brand that has slowly turned into a business magnet over the years. Ajanta manufactures a pretty terrific collection of analogs, digital, and mechanical variants giving flexibility to the buyers. 

On top of that, you won’t find any shortage of colors and shapes while shopping wall clocks of the Ajanta Company. 

6. Casio

Casio is one of the top brands who are involved in wall clock manufacturing for years now. This company has succeeded in standing apart from its competitors due to its impressive functionality and efficiency. You will always them creating products that look brilliant on the walls. 

Their models are available in both square and round designs to fulfill the needs of various households. 

7. Divine Crafts

We have added the name of this brand, especially for the buyers who love buying colorful and uniquely designed wall clocks. The biggest thing about this company’s clocks is they perform highly exquisite detailing on their clocks that let the homes display true spirit. 

The wall clocks of this company are available in all types of designs so there won’t be any shortage of options at all. 


Which of these brands you believe will dominate the market in the next year? There are tons of companies who are involved in the wall clock manufacturing business, but very few have succeeded in serving them continuously for years. We have listed the top 7 brands that are likely to sell the greatest number of wall clocks next year.

No matter, you choose an Ajanta or Rolex wall clock, it is important to make appropriate choice. If you believe we have missed a brand, please write to us in the comment section. 

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