Creating Meaningful Visibility with Producer Nalima Touré

Nalima Touré is an ideal example of what modern talent looks like. A passion for fashion, a keen understanding of the workings of social media, and the vision-meets-organizational DNA of manifesting the artistic vision, this Canadian producer has established herself as more than just a great success; she is vital to the evolution of the community and industry. Touré is keenly aware of voices that need to be heard and has bolstered the resonation of these voices with her work on a wide variety of campaigns. On projects with Oscar Winners and unique filmmakers, Nalima’s collaborators confirm that she has become a prominent part of the union where social message and art intersect. 

When pedestrians found themselves this February in Times Square looking at a billboard featuring Oscar Winning costume designer Ruth Carter, it was a fitting addition to the celebration of Black History Month. To announce H&M’s collaboration with Oscar Winner Ruth Carter, Equator Productions wanted to create a production that paid homage to one of the legendary film’s Ms. Carter is known for, Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing. Equator Productions EP Ashely Cimone brought Nalima Touré aboard as a consummate producer who could ensure that the tone and vision were perfectly realized. H&M’s venture with Ruth Carter on this clothing collection would exhibit both the importance of the costume designer’s work in film and the social relevance infused in it. Recognized as one of the most prominent and gifted in the industry, Carter’s credits include: Oscar Winner of Best Achievement in Costume Design for Black Panther, Oscar Nominated for her Costume Designs on Amistad and Malcom X, Primetime Emmy Nominated for Roots, Winner of the American Black Film Festival Career Achievement Award, Winner of the Pioneer Award from the Black Film Critics Circle Awards, and numerous others.

The commercial spot for this campaign was an ode to Ms. Carter’s work in Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing. Vacillating from Carter’s styles which are worn by models on a stylish Brooklyn stoop ala the iconic film and the Oscar Winner appearing on the “And That’s The Truth Ruth Podcast” hosted by Ruth Carter and social media personality Jay Versace, the commercial cultivates 90’s retro style with a modern presentation. Nalima managed the simultaneously conducted shoots to deliver a production that is lighthearted in tone but possesses a strong underlying message of “Trust Your Voice.” This thread was woven into the production team itself as Nalima informs, “It was beautiful to be part of a crew intentionally made up of BIPOC. I had never had the opportunity to experience a diverse set like that before. It’s inspiring to be working with some of the best in the business, supporting one another to come together to create and put this campaign out into the world—and then seeing it on a billboard in Times Square was a MAJOR career highlight!” The producer adds, “Ruth was an absolute pleasure to work with! I couldn’t help but think about all the doors she’s opened with hard work, vision, and dedication to her craft. You couldn’t help but feel inspired around her energy.

Furthering the stellar body of work she has done with Equator Productions, Nalima produced In The Blk presented at this year’s Paris Fashion Week. Universally recognized as the Fashion industry’s premier event, Paris Fashion Week afforded the opportunity to make a loud and resonating statement about the exciting and gifted Black designers who propel the modern direction of this industry. Producing films with directors Numa Perrier and Anthony Prince Leslie, Touré had the added weight and responsibility of doing this safely while the world found itself in a pandemic. Adamant about the importance of this project, Nalima declares, “Premiering these films during Paris Fashion Week was of huge importance and significance. In The Blk is focused on building solidarity and economic independence for Black individuals in the global fashion industry. Working with Paris Fashion Week and Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode helps to bring that mission to life. Using this platform to celebrate Black owned brands and Black creatives is the ultimate stamp of approval. It’s also important to celebrate beauty from all walks of life and especially important to create work where the next generation of creatives can see themselves both in front of and behind the scenes in an empowering way.” In The Blk features such designers as Off-White, Brother Vellies, ASHYA, Telfar, Studio 189, Victor Glemaud, Reebok by Pyer Moss, Third Crown, House of Aama, and Stella Jean. Nalima Touré continues to prove that there is a convergence of awareness and talent in the modern business world. The stories that we see and which influence us transcend film and television these days. For her part, this Canadian producer is committed to helping the most important stories manifested by whatever means necessary. 

Writer: Cecil McCoy

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