Is the Powerful Company Culture Losing Its Essence?

A company is defined by how it operates and the culture that it inherits. Whereas there are millions of firms working in different domains, only a few are there that actually give importance to company culture in the current times.

We can take the example of one of the world’s biggest conglomerate, Google, and how it treats its employees. At Google, frequent team-building exercises, events, meetups, and much more keeps on happening. Also, they give their employees a workspace that intrigues their creative bones as well.

While every other firm cannot be Google but they can adopt certain changes to imbibe this good company culture but first let’s dive deep into the problem.

What Defines a Company Culture?

The individuals working for a company and how their relationship with each other and the company is basically the company culture if we are to sum it up. Now, we can subdivide it into a ton of things such as the company goals, enthusiasm in employees towards work, interpersonal relationships, and much more. 

The major thing to be noticed here is that strong company culture cannot be developed when an employee assumes themselves as a sole entity. Rather they should be working as an actual team and that’s when we can say that a company has a strong company culture. 

What is the Need for Having a Good Company Culture?

When the individuals working for a company are closely knitted together and have open communication, it boosts productivity. Along with that, in such a setting, fruitful ideas flourish as these members won’t shy away from a rigorous brainstorming session. Also, when we go to work, all we are looking forward to is not just work but having a little fun as well, right? Coworking space in Mumbai does exactly that. Good company culture makes sure that we can outperform in our jobs by keeping us content, which makes our job less hectic.

Do Virtual Business Also Have a Company Culture?

While in the olden times, when the concept of virtual business was not introduced. We still had the problem of declining company culture but with its introduction, we fear that there’s a guillotine on the neck of this concept called company culture. That is very true due to the reason that even after numerous tries and finding a number of ways, you cannot imbibe a good company culture in a virtual setting.

It’s not the lack of enthusiasts but the limiting factor is the virtual nature of business. We see not close friendships, events in which one can actively participate, and more in a virtual setting. So, while virtual sessions may save you on the commute and many other things, it sure is not building any harmony among your colleagues. Since the people showing interest in virtual office is soaring, there is a threat to the traditional office culture.

Coworking Spaces: Catalyst in Building a Good Company Culture

Coworking spaces let you meet a number of different people from different fields all day long. This creates a sense of newness and along with that, the coworking space managers keep on organizing events from their side, in order to make their place a little more happening. So, even if your firm is unable to put in energy into creating these events themselves, they’re already happening. All you would have to do is to participate and enjoy the bonding activities that you’re provided with.

Not only that but the shared office spaces are designed in a way with a sense of psychological touch to provide a calm and active feel. So, these office spaces keep your team in a harmony as well. Now, don’t you think that coworking spaces are acting as a catalyst to your firm’s growth as they are helping you developed a company culture that would have been lost otherwise.

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