Do you want to know about the validation and expiry of PMI-ACP Certification?

PMI-ACP Certification

All the PMI Certifications come with the validity of a certain period of time. In fact, many such professional levels and experienced-based certifications come with a certain validity. If you are interested to learn about the information related to the validity and expiry of the PMI-ACP Certification in particular, then this article is crafted for you.

In the article, we will be covering a lot of important topics related to the validity and expiry and other such topics. We may dig a bit deep into each and every topic. So, let’s hope into the discussion without further ado.

First things first, the validity of the PMI-ACP Certification after the achievement is 3 years. And by the end of 3 years, there certain rules and clauses that can be followed to renew the Certification.

The PMI has designed a well-oiled mechanism for this very purpose for each of their certifications. 


Now you must be wondering that, “what in the heavens is the CCR?” Well, it stands for Continuing Certification Requirements. Well, these are such type of requirements which helps a certification holder to renew and validate their Certification. 

The CCR is a scheme that encourages professional development and the continuous educational development of the certification holder. This tends to be very effective for the certification holders to learn new trends continually while they also get prepared to work effectively with newer trends in the Project Management field in the future.

The CCR program helps the PMI-ACP Certification holders to:

  • Continuously learn new things, and also enables them to compete with other PMI-ACP Certification holders.
  • Effectively navigate the certification holders towards their weaknesses in any particular area of work.
  • Provide each and every certification holder opportunity to learn individually

There are many other reasons that make the CCR program more beneficial. But these are some of the most influential reasons to notice.

Every PMI certification holder has to renew their Certification regularly every three years except for the CAPM certification holders.

The CCR program allows a PMI-ACP certification holder to develop professionally in any of the desired paths of their job. And as they develop professionally, they will get points for such development, which is called the Professional Development Unit. The certification holders have all the rights to practice in any desired of their field. In order to facilitate them to do so, the CCR program is designed to be flexible enough.

The Requirements for CCR

As we discussed above, the PDUs, well, these PDUs are a significant part of the CCR program. And indeed, the PDUs are counted in the CCR to renew the PMI-ACP Certification. In order to renew the PMI-ACP Certification you will have to earn a total of 30 PDUs.

Understanding the PDUs for PMI-ACP Certification

Basically, the Professional Development Units can be defined as a unit of measurement. These units are used to measure a PMI-ACP Certification holder’s learning and professional activities. 

The Education activities of PDU should be related to areas of skills that are mentioned in the PMI Talent Triangle, and those are:

·        Technical Project Management

·        Strategic and Business Management

·        Leadership

So, these are the skill areas, and as a PMI-ACP certification holder, you have to earn the Educational PDUs by learning about any topics related to any of the domains that may fall under these 3 areas.

Well, each fraction of increment in professional and educational development is counted. The lowest fraction of increment is 0.25 PDU. If you attend any PDU activity for 15 minutes, you will earn 0.25 points. Similarly, if you participate in a PDU activity for 30 minutes, you will earn 0.50 points. So, there are certain fixed time limits which will let you earn a certain number of points.

How to earn PDUs

There certain simple ways that are prescribed by the PMI, which will help you to earn PDUs for your PMI-ACP Certification efficiently and easily:

  • You can join training to develop your expertise as a PMI-ACP certified professional.
  • You can read books related to your profession.
  • You can participate in meetings held in your organization.
  • You can learn from various digital platforms to improve your understanding of your roles and responsibilities.

These are the PDU activities that you can participate in. And by participating in such activities, you will earn the required amount of PDUs, which you will use to renew your Certification. And all these activities are meant to improve you both professionally and educationally.

Fees for Renewal and Following the Guidelines

In order to renew the form, finally, you will have to pay $60 if you are a PMI member. In case you are not a PMI member, then you will have to pay $150 to renew your PMI-ACP Certification. And after paying the fee, you will have to obey the guidelines of PMI, and you learn about those guidelines from the CCR handbook of PMI.


We may have missed some of the points related to the validity and expiry of the PMI-ACP Certification. But all the above discussion comprises a fledged and pointwise important information that you will need to know. However, it is always advisable for you to go through the PMI-CCR handbook to learn more about other clauses and rules related to the CCR program of all the PMI certification.

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