What Expenses Do You Have To Incur While Living In A PG In Ahmedabad?

Most people who migrate to a new city will find household expenses suddenly seem never-ending. From one time spends like moving and household set-up expenses to possible recurring costs like sourcing daily amenities, there can be a wide range of things you have never accounted for. But, that’s how you learn overtime, where to spend and where not to spend your money.

There are many people who migrate to the city of Ahmedabad and a fair number of them are students, leaving homes for the first time to take advantage of the stellar study opportunities in the city. This has created a huge demand for PGs in Ahmedabad which are cost-effective and convenient options for many, allowing them to share accommodation with like-minded people. When you migrate to a new city, you realize that gone are the days when all of your expenses were managed by your family. So, making independent financial decisions, learning to manage within the monthly pocket money or money sent by your family to cover your living expenses, can be quite a task.

Let’s have a look at some of the expenses that one has to incur while living in a PG/hostel in Ahmedabad:


A lot of PGs and hostels in Ahmedabad provide meals to residents, covering the food cost in the monthly rental itself. Regardless of your PG/hostel in Ahmedabad providing meals, there is a possibility that you might have issues with quality or quantity served. Once in a while, you may not care about the watery dal and on others, you might think the chapatis are excessively withered. As such, you start ordering-in food, depend on a third-party tiffin service, or hire your own cook. Lucrative offers by the likes of food-service providers like Swiggy and Zomato further entice you to get more deliveries. All these can be additional expenses that suddenly make your monthly budget go awry. Should you choose to manage cooking on your own, then the whole exercise of grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning-up after can take up a lot of time and energy that could be utilized on other pursuits. Hence, it’s important to opt for professional managed living service operators like Stanza Living. They offer chef-prepared meals, multiple menu options and encourage residents to share feedback on meals so dishes can be tweaked appropriately. Further, this is included in the monthly rent package, so you don’t have to pay additionally.

Travelling and Commute

Ahmedabad doesn’t have a metro facility yet, which is a convenience for many students across the country. While there is a fairly reliable public transport system that includes rickshaw, auto, and buses, these can take a bit of time to commute with, especially if you stay far from your college/workplace. Cabs are a good alternative but can sometimes turn out to be a drain on the pocket. A good amount of your pocket money can be consumed by commute costs, so you need to plan for that. Alternatively, searching for a place that is closer to your workplace/educational institute can be a wiser idea, saving you both time and money on commuting. You can also turn it into a healthy walk in case you find a good PG or hostel nearby.

Household Expenses:

In case you move into a hostel or PG accommodation in Ahmedabad that offers the very bare-bones, or take up an unfurnished apartment, your immediate heavy expenses will be in the form of basic furniture and appliances (heater, fridge, induction top, etc) that you need to sustain your lifestyle. So, setting-up home can take a big chunk out of your savings. But if you don’t have access to facilities like housekeeping, laundry, cooking, etc, getting house help can become a recurring monthly cost that you need to factor in when you plan your lifestyle budget. So make sure to choose a place that covers these facilities as it can turn out to be more economical and less energy consumption in the long run.

These are some of the expenses that you might have to incur as a paying guest. If you are looking for all-inclusive, economical options, you can check out the professionally managed accommodation provided by operators like Stanza Living present in prime locations across the city.

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