Friendspire and Mind Blowing Movies

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie but you’re not really sure what to put on? Maybe you heard your friend mention some amazing movie that sounded like you would love to watch it but you just can’t remember the name. This is where Friendspire comes into play. Friendspire is a free social media app that allows the user to receive recommendations from their friends for a variety of different things, not just films. These recommendations can be for: movies, tv shows, restaurants, books, podcasts, and even bars. No longer do you need to play the guessing game for any entertainment activity. With the free app on iOS, Android, and their website, the information is right there at your fingertips.

Why Friendspire? Why users all around loving it?

All of us know that feeling when you decide to do something fun like watching a movie or going out to a bar but don’t know which movie to watch or what bar to go to. It can be challenging to figure out what option will be the most fun, especially if you don’t already have any opinions about the event. Friendspire can change this. It provides tons of specific recommendations and reviews about different books, podcasts, shows, and other things. Reading personal reviews from people that you know is a great way to get a good gist about if you might like something.

For example, if you have a friend who loves scary movies and she recommends a specific scary movie on Friendspire, you will know to trust her opinions about that movie. It’s as simple as this but it can be applied to a ton of different things.

Navigate by Genres

Not only does Friendspire allow you to read reviews from your friends about different films, books, and other things. It also breaks these reviews down into different themes and genres. Into action films? You can easily find many action films that have been reviewed by going to the films section and scrolling down to the action films genre. Interested in a new book?

Find different genres of good reads like biography, fantasy, and even former U.S. President Barack Obama’s favorite reads of 2019. It doesn’t always have to be movie night. There are so many different sections and categories for you to choose from that you’ll find yourself discovering new genres that you didn’t even know you liked. Movie night will never be the same once you’ve started putting on new kinds of films that you didn’t even know you might like or enjoy.

You might not have wanted to watch movies like Inception before because they seem confusing and not enjoyable. But reading reviews about movies like Inception and other mind blowing movies can lead to discovering a plot twist in films that you never thought was possible. Yes, mind blowing movies with maybe even more than one plot twist is waiting for you.

Discover Something New

Podcasts have come into popularity during these last few years and you haven’t already started listening to them, Friendspire can help you get into it. If you have no idea where to start listening, there is a Friendspire section dedicated to different kinds of podcast reviews in different subjects. Since it’s broken down into subjects it’s very easy to find a category or genre that you enjoy and then read the reviews of different each different podcast in that category. If you find a specific podcast that sounds good, then you can check it out for yourself and know that you’re listening to the best of the best. This same method can be used for anything that you’ve been thinking about partaking in but you’re not sure where to begin.

Go Out to New Places

If you don’t want to stay inside to watch TV shows, then Friendspire can help you find new bars or restaurants to try in the area. Once again, using the recommendations from friends you can figure out the most popular spots in your area to head out to and try. You might even run into a friend or someone you know there because it’s so a popular spot that you know all of your friends visit often.

Try It for Yourself

You’ll never know how useful and valuable Friendspire can be until you try it for yourself. You could be missing out on something that all of your colleagues love to do because you didn’t know it existed or you weren’t sure you’d like it. You’ll never know you do or don’t, like something until you try. And with personal reviews, you know you’re reading the honest opinion of the friend who wrote it. Find out what everyone is saying about the most events and fun things to do by using Friendspire.

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