Why Your Child Should Have a Bar Necklace

Getting gifts for your children can feel like a daunting task. Especially because as they grow and develop, so do their interests.

So what type of gift should you get your child—especially if you are wanting to get them a gift that they will appreciate for more than five seconds?

One of the most meaningful gifts you can get your child is a bar necklace.

While some parents may feel that children are too young to appreciate jewellery, the gift of a custom engraved bar necklace is something that your child will cherish for years to come!

Here are our top reasons why your child should have a bar necklace.

1. You can make it personalized

We live in a world where everything is personalized, and kids expect that now thanks to the digital age. But with the bar necklace, you can take that personalization to a whole new level and engrave a special quote, bible verse, name or date on the necklace that only you and your child will truly understand. It is a beautiful way to keep them connected to you and remember you—and will likely stay with them well into their adult years as well.

2. It will make them feel grown-up

Too much kids jewellery is plastic, cheap and tacky. But with a beautiful bar necklace, they will get the opportunity to act like an adult and respect a real piece of jewellery! When jewellery is meaningful to children, they will take more responsibility in caring for it. So when they receive a bar necklace from you, chances are they will feel more respected, valued and grown-up compared to the cheap kid’s jewellery many of their peers have.

3. The necklace goes with everything

Simple jewellery that is understated and elegant like a bar necklace goes with everything. That means that your child can wear it with their school uniform, to their homecoming dance, at their soccer game and even just relaxing at home. A bar necklace can be worn anywhere at anytime and is yet another reason we know your child will love theirs.

4. It is a token that connects you

Children and their parents have a special bond and a bar necklace is one of the rare gifts that can truly symbolize that. This is because you have the ability to engrave something meaningful on there that only you and your child will truly appreciate. And your child will love the fact that even when they are away from you on a camping trip or sleepover party, they have a token to remember you by wrapped around their neck.

5. They can pass it down to their children

Family heirlooms are a wonderful way to continue a family’s legacy. A bar necklace can make a great family heirloom, in which your child can one day pass the necklace down to their chid as well. Bar necklaces are designed in the most high-quality manner, so the necklace is designed to continue looking beautiful for decades to come. You’ll love it when your great-grandaughter greets you wearing the same bar necklace that you gifted your own child years prior.

There are so many reasons to get your child a bar necklace. To summarize, they are a unique and personable gift that will be unique to just your child, it will make your child feel special, it will serve as a reminder of you when your child is away and the necklace can be a family heirloom that is passed down in the family.

With so many wonderful benefits of gifting your child a bar necklace, what will you have engraved on yours? 

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