Why Your Cats Need Insurance

Why Your Cats Need Insurance

Yes, it is worth it!

“Is it really necessary to give your cats insurance? How much does it cost? Is it even worth the money?” These are normally the questions cat parents ask when getting a new cat. Even if your cat is healthy now, there are certain things that might eventually change – yes, even if your cats are indoor cats.

Pet insurance works like human insurance. Clinics offer monthly premiums, annual deductions, copayments, and exclusions! But, you must keep in mind that the cost of vet healthcare varies greatly, depending on the type of animal, what goes wrong with it, and for how long it’s unwell – which is why, in some cases, pet insurance could save you money, and most importantly, can help save your cats from any health conditions and injuries from accidents.

Health Risks

As cat parents, it is your job to take care of them at all costs. There are some health risks you may still not know that can be dangerous for cats, regardless if they’re indoor cats, or outdoor cats, or perhaps a little bit of both – and these health risks should be avoided for cats to have a long, happy, and a healthy life. This is a real challenge not just for cat owners but for every pet owner out there, especially for newly appointed pet parents.

Listed below are some of the health risks you need to look out for:

·      cancer

·      diabetes

·      obesity

·      feline urinary problems

·      leukemia

·      thyroid disease

·      upsets on the digestive area

·      exposure to toxins

There is a lot of factors that can contribute to these health risks; and when cats have illnesses, they are very good at hiding the symptoms. You may never know what’s happening with them.

Along with these, indoor cats, just like outdoor cats, are also susceptible to indoor, and even outdoor hazards (when you decide to take them to a park and meet with other feline friends) – and treating them will get expensive.

This is the main reason why you should need to get cat insurance.


When cats get injured or become unhealthy, you’re most likely to bring them to veterinary clinics or hospitals, rather than wait for them to get better. Not taking them to a vet clinic can be scary because you don’t know what it is going on with them.

Diagnosis and treatment may range in costs from hundreds to thousands of dollars, but it will give you a good night’s sleep, knowing your cats are in good hands. These kinds of medical bills can really start adding up. If cats aren’t properly being treated, then the worst may come.

As mentioned earlier, pet insurance tends to cost a whole lot. Just like any other pets, the cost of treating cats is just as expensive. Even though cats don’t visit the veterinary clinics as much as other pets, like dogs, you never know when they’ll eventually get sick or get injured.

Cat Insurance Policy

Cat insurance may also make up for the costs of a number of other feline-related situations like helping in finding lost, abandoned cats, reimbursement if the cat eventually dies, home care or cattery charges where the cat parent is sick, and several circumstances.

But always remember that every pet insurance policy works the same. Some may not cover compensations, or reimbursements. That’s why it’s important to research vet clinics or hospitals with a pet insurance suitable for your liking.

We all hope that our pets will live long and healthy lives. Pet insurance provides financial peace of mind – when treatment conversations turn into “what is the right thing to do” conversations, instead of how much it’s going to cost.

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