6 Quick Ways To Build Your Marketing Leads Funnel

So, you have created an impressive website for your startup business. You studied the buyer’s persona, published good content, and implemented the best practices to make your site mobile-friendly. Still, your business hasn’t generated the sales you expected.

Well, no need to scream and think that launching your startup company was a bad idea! It’s time to develop a winning lead nurturing strategy and have a well-thought-out digital marketing funnel. Below are the six ways to build a B2B leads funnel for your startup business-

State Your Company’s Value Proposition

According to Forbes, building awareness, educating people about your brand, and keep them engaged are the prerequisites of a successful digital B2B sales leads. Considering awareness as the core stage of your marketing funnel, it is crucial to convey the value your company provides.

So, create a differentiating statement for your products and services to make your brand stand out from the others. Align the value proposition at the front and center of your homepage because it is the first thing prospects want to see.

Create Content Your Audience Can’t Resist

Create content that provides your users with value. Keep it open, i.e., it doesn’t require the users to fill out their contact details or other credentials in return for the access. Just focus on sharing the content widely to create awareness about your brand.

Keep it balanced with the requirement for filling the marketing funnel’s top with valuable prospects. For this, you can use high-value content, like a guide, eBook, etc. Create something in-depth that convinces the audience to submit their contact details in return for the value the content will deliver.

Perform SEO

Don’t think that the prospects will automatically appreciate your valuable information they would receive just from the title. You have to tell them how downloading the guide or eBook would provide them with value.

This is where SEO comes in!

Use the right keywords in the title, headings, sub-headings, meta descriptions, and put your heart & soul in creating something valuable. Have a clear on-page and off-page SEO strategy to make your content appear at the top.

Remember, SEO isn’t a ‘done and forget’ task. Instead, it is a full-time role. Thus, your website should be regularly optimized for the latest findings, and keyword research needs to be taken care of.

Monitor The Marketing Funnel’s User Experience

Access all the workflow processes you have developed for your marketing funnel. This is the time when you have to think from the audience’s point of view. Is your choice of words on the website landing page confusing and contains typical jargon? If yes, you should simplify it.

Nurture Your Leads With Email Drip Campaign

When it comes to growing the startup companies, creating an email campaign that doesn’t promote the offerings seems pointless. But, if you want to boost your sales, it is necessary to provide credibility to your leads.

They should know that you have their best interests in mind. This way, they will be willing to trust you on their own. When you nurture such a relationship with your B2B sales leads, they will support your products and services and recommend you in their network too.

Automate The Marketing Funnel

Gathering leads, segmenting them, and keeping an eye on the marketing funnel’s performance require a lot of effort. Invest in marketing automation tools to keep the funnel going while you are involved in other important processes to scale your tech startup.

Wrapping Up

Nurturing the leads by creating your marketing funnel with content relevant to the stage of their buyer’s journey helps you build a good relationship with them. Prioritize your customers and focus on delivering value rather than just promoting your product. Check your marketing funnel regularly, and make improvements wherever necessary.

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