When Is the Best Time to Replace Your Hot Water System?

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In most modern households, warm water is vital for everyday living. For frequent hand-washes to showers or baths, and from cooking to dish-cleaning or laundry, the average home occupant uses water with varying warmth as much as 20 times a day! 

Granted, a bachelor’s life may have been easy, but things start to get a little chaotic when the number of occupants in your household increases. To put things into perspective, just multiply the number of occupants in your household by 20.

Sooner or later, you are also going to start seeing signs that the strain of daily usage is taking a toll on your hot water system (and the environment) – even if you have the very best. You see, each hot water system has a lifespan of approximately a decade and while annual maintenance could help prolong its life, chances are that you will need a replacement after just 5 or 6 years.

For this reason, we believe each homeowner should know what signs indicate that a hot water system replacement is needed:

1. Your Hot Water System Is Old

The majority of hot water systems in the market are known to last anywhere between 8 and 10 years. While experts generally recommend replacements when you celebrate your heater’s 10th birthday, an actual replacement may be required way before this timeline.

The need for replacement can be determined with simple inspection and you could try looking for symptoms such as:

  • Failure to deliver hot water
  • Leaks
  • Noises
  • Rusting (in the water or on the unit itself)

Typically, gas heaters are known to last anywhere between 6 and 8 years before displaying any one or all of the above-mentioned symptoms. Alternatively, another way you can find out the age of your hot water system is by their serial numbers. If you don’t see a date beside the serial number and see something like I071047856, then here’s how you can interpret how old your system is.

The letter at the beginning of the serial number illustrates the month it was manufactured, and the next two numbers signify the last two digits of the year. Therefore, this serial number suggests that the system was manufactured on 09/2007

2. Rusty Heater Inlet Valve or Water

When you start seeing specks of rust running out of your sink or your bathtub, then chances are that your system is rusted. When hot water systems have passed their expiration date, this is a very common occurrence, even though this can happen before 6 or 8 years of usage.

Additionally, if you see rust around the pressure relief valve or the water inlet on your hot water system, then the rust may have spread to the inside of the tank. If this seems to be the case then you have no option but to call a professional for a replacement right away. Trust us, there is no known way to salvage an old hot water system once rust starts appearing on the unit or in the water.

Don’t know who to call? Try this website to book an appointment for emergency repairs and installations).

3. When Your Hot Water System Starts Whining

Another telltale sign of a hot water system that is nearing its age of replacement is the unfamiliar noises it starts to emit all of a sudden. These rumbling noises will seem to get louder and louder with time and these are typically caused due to a number of reasons.

Firstly, an aging system starts to gather sediments at the bottom of the tank until the sediments grow thicker and harden around the tank floor. Over time, these will begin to erode the hot water system from the inside leading to problems such as:

  • Inefficiency

Sediment buildup causes hot water systems to consume more energy than before because of the additional strain of heating up the water.

  • Accelerated Damages

The extra time required to heat the water causes different parts of the unit to turn brittle which, in turn, accelerates the chances of crack formation and, therefore, leaks.

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