3 Practical Ways to Make Money On Instagram

Everybody uses Instagram these days as its one of the fastest and hottest growing social media platforms in the game these days.

The challenge is for the lots of people who are business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers who use this passively but don’t know how to take this to the next level. Some people make a full time living through Instagram. Let’s have a look at the digital marketing and business side of things and know how to set up an account so that you could be ready to build a real engaged following. There’s not going to be any spamming tactics, no follow for follow, no cheap tricks. I going to tell you a clean legit way to build a following on Instagram so that you could eventually observe the account whether you are building your brand, whether you are a business selling products/services or you are somebody who wants to work with some brand in future.

I am also going to tell you what the advertisers look at? What the Instagramers are doing to grow their followers organically so that you could take some inspiration from them and grow your account too. 

  • Ways to make money with Instagram:

The following the best ways to make money with Instagram as one of my fellow followed these ways to make money with Instagram. Here is here story, how she started the Instagram and how she makes money on Instagram with just 1200 followers?

                1: Work as an Influencer

                2:Be an Affiliate Marketer

                3:Become an Entrepreneur

  • Choosing your Niche and your Passion:

 How to figure out a niche that you are passionate about? A lot of people think that you have to build an Instagram account about what people want. The reality is that Instagram is so big that thousands of users joining every day. You can build a following around anything that you are interested in and that includes fitness, photography, film photography,

cooking, home decor, etc.

The reason to build an account about what you are passionate about is that you are on Instagram every single day and you going to post content multiple times a day, engage with your followers i.e. comments and reach out to people. Essentially you going to spend a lot of hours on Instagram so if you going to spend your time then make sure to choose what you are passionate about. You also have more energy toward your account, you going to be more consistent, you will like talking and building your community so you going to think about it for long-term. Building followers will take some time. You have to be realistic. Some people have hundreds and thousands of followers but the likes and engagement on their posts are not much. The reason is that they increase their followers through fake websites. Set up a goal for every month.

Make sure that every niche is different and so are the followers e.g. if your niche is photography or sports you might gain more followers in a month. If your niche is like green tea or specifically match a green tea you may not gain many followers that’s why its hard to say that how many followers you have in one month, three months or six months.

  • Optimizing your profile and SEO:

A lot of people using Instagram don’t think about how to pick up a username, they don’t know what they have to write in a bio and so because of this, they are missing on a lot of opportunities to be discovered. When it comes to optimization, you have to keep 2 goals in mind. First is you want to accurately reflect what your page is all about. The second thing is to emphasize is that people find it easy to search for you. It depends on your username. Make sure you don’t include the dots and special characters.

When people are searching for things you want your name to be on the top of search and this all going to happen when you optimize your account.

  • Creating authentic content:

Showcase anything authentic. don’t copy someone else posts or ideas. Some people use their Instagram for commercial shots, promotions and they posting about their personal life as well and keeping it real. for example, somebody is a photographer and posting his/her shots, the gear he/she uses and posting his/her pictures as well.

  • Curating relevant content:

If you don’t have enough content and don’t have enough community then another way is to curate the content. It means to finds videos and photos on Instagram that relate to your page and posting it on your page while giving credits to the photographers or videographers who took it.

  • How to be discovered using hashtags:

The reason why you want to use hashtags on Instagram is that its one of the best ways to be naturally discovered on Instagram. As you know that people are dying to find good content. You can put the hashtags in the description and the comments. Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags per post. Don’t use so many hashtags because it kind of makes you look amateurish and prevents people from following you. Anywhere between 1 to 10 hashtags are pretty good. make sure that the hashtags you use are highly targeted.

  • Growing your following:

One of the main ways to grow your followers is to be involved in a community. There are lots of people who use bots to like everybody’s photos and make generic comments.

The people also use bots to follow or unfollow people and that’s not a good idea. You may gain more followers in the beginning but they are all low-quality followers. If you follow someone and they follows you back but you unfollow them then you are not building a good community. It’s better to learn how to become famous on Instagram.

When it comes to likes just like whatever you find interesting. Leaving thoughtful comments on pages also helps you to gain followers.

Another thing is that you like other people’s comments just to assure them that you are there.

  • Working with brands Fundamentals:

 How to work with brands? How to get paid to do it? Brands have a budget every year and they need to promote and sell their products to make their brand good.

So as an influencer if your followers are great, people are engaging great and your content is really good then, of course, somebody would give you money to promote their brand.

It means that your audience is really valuable and people agree to give you money for this. There are three elements that brands pick you for sponsorship/brand ambassador.

First, is how big is your following? Secondly, how engaging your followers are? Thirdly your account growth?

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