Top 8 Must See Home Decorating Ideas

The design of your room tells a story by enhancing the functionality and style of your room. In 2020, a few designs and decorating ideas have taken the world by storm and are loved by millions. These designs incorporate functions with aesthetics. You can get these designs from Home Styles Group Interior Design. They have a sundry of designs with them that will enhance the beauty of your house. To know more about these 8 must-see home decorating ideas, do check out below.

  1. Tones of earth 

Colors play an important role in home decorating and designing. Earlier classic blue was loved by many, but now a color that is getting popular is tones of the earth. The color settles a connection between you and the outdoors and brings warmth to your place.

The elements of your room, like furniture and accessories, impersonate the distinct elements of nature, the woods, the trees, the rocks and thus create a soothing and calm ambiance. These tones will not only give your place an outdoor connection but also give it a unique grounded look. 

  1. Curvy shapes 

Ready for a throwback? Well, curvy shapes are making a comeback from the 60s and 70s. These provide a reminiscence of the golden age of designing, but with a modern twist to the tale. With the curve mesh, the beauty of the room is highlighted immensely. The furniture, like upholstered pieces of sofas and benches, brings a lot of conservation into the room.

If you are a fan of organic form, then these designs are a must for you. The curves, waves, and circles in the room provide a sense of softness to the room and make it desirable with the tranquil energy of nature. 

  1. Floral wallpapers 

Floral wallpapers are an evergreen addition to the home décor ideas. They have been present since home décor was rarely used. However, it is not the floral patterns from your granny’s time that we will suggest you use, but some contemporary styles for your wall, giving it a wow factor. Your bedroom could be brightened with a bunch of flowers in the backdrop. The best places to use these wallpapers are the bathroom and entry space. You can get many distinct color and design options to give your place a desired look.

  1. Multifunctional spaces 

The remote learning and working at home, a call for multifunctional spaces has been present. The doubling up of space is thus seen in the kitchen and dining areas of a house. The island kitchen can double up as a work station and a dining table, while breakfast nooks can become a place to socialize and also work. 

Gym in the garage or the room, the child’s bedroom doubling up as a playroom, are some ideas that are popular these days. These rooms and areas remove the need for a distinct place for different purposes and use the space efficiently.

  1. Layered contrasting décor 

Neutral and matching designs have become a thing of the past. Now, classic and timeless colors are used in contrast to give a balance to the room. Modern décor with antique looks could do wonders in your room.

  1. Biophilic design 

Show your visitors your love for nature with biophilic designs. Vegetation, light, and other materials incorporated with the modern environment give a calming sensation. Using elements of nature in your room is reported to increase the productivity, creativity and also reduce the stress.

If you are a fan of nature and also want to enhance your wellness, then biophilic designs are a must for you.

  1. Rattan and wicker furniture 

Rattan and wicker furniture have made their way inside the house. They cater warmth and charm to your room. You can use these with other elements to give your place an organic look.

  1. Mixed metals 

Metals are seen at every place this year. A combination of copper, brass, gold, or silver is seen in many places. These metals can be used in various parts of the room, like furniture and accessories. However, the goal is to give a minimalistic look and not going overboard with the idea.

These 8 home décor ideas are in trend nowadays. You can get all of these elements from Home Styles Group Interior Design and make your place look creative and magnificent.

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