The Re-emergence of Encaustic Tiles

After hitting its peak in the nineteenth and twentieth-century, encaustic tiles are once again on the rise and are looking to make themselves a household name all over the world. By following renowned interior designers and artists, people can check for themselves that the once most found style pattern is again having a moment in the new century. But before we go any further into the topic, it is important to explore what an encaustic tile really is.

What is an Encaustic Tile?

First off, the encaustic tiles are made up of at least 2 and maximum 6 colors of clay, which are used to form both its design and body. Their patterns are intricate that give off a look of the inlaid design. The biggest plus point of owning an encaustic tile over other tiles is that the owner does not have to worry about the wear and tear, as they are very reliable. The encaustic tiles have been a mainstay in the European market for quite some time now but now after the advancement of the production technology, they have started to become relevant in the US market as well. 

Why are they Trending?

Social media has played an integral role in the sudden rise of the encaustic tiles. Nowadays people like to post about the most beautiful, attractive, and aesthetically pleasing products and encaustic tiles possess all these qualities. Thanks to its eye-catching colors and designs encaustic tiles have quickly made themselves a top contender in the interior design market. 

Where to Find them?

For any potential customer that is looking for the incredibly beautiful encaustic tiles form the comfort of their homes, they can now simply visit the online site Maitland & Poate. The site has a wide collection of antique tiles which also contains a separate section for encaustic tiles. The site was made for the people who love vintage tiles and designs. The company has made all their beautiful work possible due to their collaboration with artisans. Each of the tiles available on the site was handpicked from age-old designs that have been long forgotten. They have been carefully worked on so that everyone single one of them can provide a stunning handmade look. If people want to surround themselves with vintage work and beautiful heritage, then Maitland & Poate is the only site that can make it possible.  

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