How to Dress up for your Wedding Like a Pro!

Weddings are one of the most important events in our life. It results in two soulmates to finally be together for the rest of their life. Everyone would want to make this day their happiest and most memorable day.

To make it a memorable day for you and your guests, you must make sure that everything looks & feels perfect, including your wedding suit. Not having someone to suggest the right choice for your wedding dress may be challenging.

It seems you are the lucky one as you have found our article. Yes, we will guide you through every point that you need to know to choose the best wedding suits for you.

Classic Two-Piece Suit:

The classic two-piece suit is one of the simplest and easiest to choose wedding dresses for a groom. A dark-colored suit with a light-colored shirt and a tie gives the groom the look of elegance that states the importance of the occasion.

These dresses are mostly used on a rental basis but if you specially buy it then it can stay useful for other less-formal occasions in the future.

Solid Colored 2 Piece Suit:

Some people love navy blue suits, some love charcoal gray suits, and some even get confused between khaki & lighter gray color. But deep down we know that blue suits are one of the best wedding suits for summer months & exotic locations.

Most stylists recommend not wearing brightly colored suits on wedding occasions. You should also try to avoid heavy patterning, formal patterning on a solid dark or semi-solid dark suit fits the best for an elegant look.

Black & White Suit:

Black suits are sometimes related to relaxed versions of tuxedo. Though an actual-black suit is appropriate for weddings, we won’t recommend you to wear it on your wedding because black is a high-formality color.

You are less likely to see anyone in a pure black suit on a wedding occasion. Besides, blue and gray colored suits are more convenient.

You should avoid a white suit too, as the bride and groom should not match. As most of the brides wear a traditional white dress, so we do not recommend you to do so. On the other hand, you can choose between a navy blue or gray colored wedding suits.

Wedding Suits Styles & Cuts:

Your suit can be a single-breasted simple one or it can be a double-breasted suit. The double-breasted suit adds more formality to the outfit, thus it should only be worn with a necktie and a formal dress shirt.

Another formal and elegant option is a three-piece suit. Matched waistcoats are similar to double-breasted suits and can also be removed to make it a single-breasted suit, making it more versatile than other suits.

The Wedding Day Necktie:

Just like your suit and other things that you need for a better look, the necktie also should be chosen properly. It is important for your necktie to fit the proximity to your face. The color and pattern of your necktie also play an important role in improving your wedding look.


Wedding days include many details and the list keeps growing if you try to keep track of all of those. So it is better to keep your wedding suit a simple one. Review your budget, check with your family members, and choose one month before the occasion.

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