Does Wearing Gloves Save you from the Novel Corona Virus?

Around the world, people are taking steps to stem the spread of the corona virus. Information on the novel corona virus is changing seemingly daily. Right now the one constant is the continued importance of protecting yourself (and those around you) from Covid-19 to flatten the curve of infections. The World Health Organization (WHO) also recommends those who are sick or are caring for someone who is sick to wear a mask. While we all are still sorting out the use of face masks by the public, then what about the use of hand gloves. Gloves are not a good form of protection from germs in public places

Health experts say you shouldn’t wear gloves unless they remind you to avoid touching your face. In some recent days, it’s become more common to see people wearing disposable gloves as they perform everyday tasks. But doctors say that gloves don’t make sense for most people to wear to protect themselves from corona virus. Gloves are only useful when you use them the right way and in a meaningful way. Wearing gloves and masks as a precaution against COVID-19 is ineffective, unnecessary for the vast majority of people, and may even spread infections faster. If you are going out to the grocery store, you should follow these tips

  1. Don’t touch your phone.
  2. Avoid touching your face.
  3. Don’t touch your mask once it’s on your face.
  4. Practice social distancing (at least 6 feet from others) while in the store.
  5. Limit the surfaces and food items you touch
  6. Sanitize your hands when you get into your car and immediately wash your hands when you get home after unloading the groceries

If you do wear gloves, it is important to avoid cross-contamination. But some health experts say, wearing gloves won’t give you an added layer of protection against the risk of corona virus. Even wearing gloves might cause you to practice worse hand hygiene because you keep wearing the now-dirty gloves instead of washing your hands or sanitizing them. 

Gloves don’t perfectly heighten protection and could even end up making you sick from many diseases. Wear gloves when disinfecting and cleaning your home or when caring for a sick person. To correctly remove gloves in these instances, the federal health agency advises to:

  1. Peel off the glove away from your hands.
  2. Use your gloved hand to hold the glove you just removed.
  3. Peel off the other glove by putting your fingers inside the glove.
  4. Turn the second glove out while pulling it away from your hands, leaving the first glove inside the second one.
  5. Throw the gloves into the trash immediately not on the ground.
  6. After removing gloves, immediately wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer.

There’s a lot of misinformation when it comes to protecting yourself from Covid-19. We see some people wearing gloves while others don’t. If you also choose to wear gloves, and you don’t throw them away immediately after use, you could run into some risks. Gloves are never meant to be reused and gloves can become contaminated and contaminate other objects, surfaces, or even self. Find a wide range of gloves at

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