3 Ways Hearing Aid Accessories Can Bring Us Closer Together in Times of Isolation

Hearing loss can make navigating the regular world difficult. Now, during times of isolation, masks, and social distancing, it can be particularly hard to function from day-to-day. It’s already been proven by the American Academy of Audiology that hearing loss can cause depression and social isolation in seniors. When human interaction is already so limited due to the pandemic, it’s safe to say that those feelings of being withdrawn and alone can definitely be exacerbated. If you or a loved one has hearing loss, here are three ways that hearing aid accessories can bring us closer together in isolation.

Be able to discuss your family’s favorite TV shows.

You might not be able to have family dinners right now where you can interact, play board games, and have conversations about what’s happening in everyone’s lives. Honestly, there’s not a lot happening anywhere for anyone right now. In order to connect with your family when you get to chat on the phone or computer, consider watching some of their favorite TV shows or movies, so you all have something to discuss.

Understandably, it can be a challenge to hear the TV with hearing aids due to distance and other noises in your house made my appliances and upstairs neighbors. In order to watch and fully understand your family’s favorite TV shows, consider purchasing a TV connector for your hearing aids. The Phonak TV Connector can be plugged in and help you hear the TV and other audio sources and stream quality audio to you up to almost fifty feet away from the connector. You can pick up around the house while you watch and listen. In theory, the sound quality should be clear enough that you don’t have to rely so much on lip reading. Your loved ones will love that you put the time and effort into watching some of their favorite shows.

Make phone conversations much more accessible.

It’s hard to discuss TV shows or any other topic if you’re having a difficult time hearing over the phone. There are hearing aid accessories that can make talking to your loved ones so much easier and less frustrating for everyone. You should never have anxiety about calling your loved ones due to hearing loss. An accessory like the Oticon ConnectClip connects you to your smartphone and allows you to talk hands-free. You won’t have to miss a beat the next time you’re on the phone. What a gift to able to more easily communicate over the phone. It might not only make you feel less alone but your loved ones as well.

Hear your friends better at socially distanced meetups.

It’s not recommended to be indoors right now, which means you have less control over your environment. It’s still important to get outside and have socially distanced meetings with your friends if at all possible. It makes passing the time in the pandemic a little more bearable. In order for you to better understand the conversations you’re having with your friends outside, consider using the Phonak Remote App. It allows you to adjust the audio levels of each individual hearing aid right from your Smartphone. If you’re meeting in a park with noisy kids playing to your left. Turn down the audio on the left and boost it where your friend is sitting on your right. This will make any face-to-face time you get even more enjoyable.

There are already so many barriers put up right now to keep everyone healthy, but this can present unique challenges to people who have hearing loss. Thankfully, because of modern technology, communication doesn’t need to be one of those barriers. For the best hearing aids in the USA and access to all of these accessories, check out Hearing Health USA. You can use telehealth services to better understand which hearing aids and accessories are best for your specific needs during the course of the pandemic. Unique situations sometimes require unique solutions. Reach out today, so the world can feel a little less distant.

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