4 Best Teaching Approaches Inside and Outside Classroom form Fortnite

In this digital era, a teacher is challenged to create new teaching and learning methods to improve students’ understanding. Of course, it is not easy. Problems to face are getting more. One of them is regarding the students’ motivations themselves. Not all of them are really interested to follow the methods given by teachers, except, the methods are interesting for them.

Using teaching approaches from games is one thing that modern teachers should try. Particularly if the teachers themselves are games, it should not be too difficult. One of the games that are recommended for teaching approaches is Fortnite. Interestingly, a lecturer from Spain, Victor Arufe, has tried it and he was successful. So, you can just follow his steps. Here is how to play Fortnite and what approaches to use from the game.

Understanding Fortnite

Basically, Fortnite is a shooting game with the elimination system that emphasizes winning to the players who can survive, whether it is only one, two, or a team. To win the game, the players must always be aware of the situations. They are forced to monitor the situations and then attacking when there are chances. Meanwhile, some pointsare considered important when playing Fortnite.

First, surviving is more important than killing other players. This is unique. Other games may require you to kill more enemies to win the games. Although it is true that in Fortnite you can kill others, it is not the main goal. It is just one of the ways so that you can stay alive.

Second, you need to move faster. To survive, there are some actions you can do whether only staying at one particular place or taking risks to move. Often, you need to run, jump, and fight with the other players.

Third, it is all about strategies. Of course, you cannot just run and fight without strategies. In Fortnite, even strategies are very important to survive and win the games. You can explore the players’ skills and abilities and use them to be the winner.

Lastly, you have weapons for sure. In Fortnite, you are allowed or even suggested to collect weapons. It is to ease you in facing your enemies. But again, remember the first principle mentioned above. The weapons are to make you survive, not to kill others without reasons.

Teaching Approaches from Fortnite

From the explanation above, you can see that this game has many positive sides. Of course, if you are looking for the negative ones, there is a bunch also. Interestingly, those positive things about Fortnite can be utilized as teaching approaches in the classroom. They can even be applied in any subject. So, the approaches are as follows.

·        Make Yourself Standout without Dragging Others

Students need to be standout in their own ways. Some students may love math and want to have many achievements in the classroom with the subject. That’s good for sure. It is something that must be appreciated. However, being standout doesn’t mean you can drag others. This is how Fortnite teaches us. The main important thing is survive, not killing others.

·        Do Something to Get Achievement

Nowadays, there are so many learning methods to practice. Different from in the past where the students must only study and study using course books, current learning media are more various. No matter what it is, a teacher must encourage their students to do something rather than being lazy without any action. This is how the achievement can be reached.

·        Use Strategies

If Fortnite allows you to use strategies to be winner, the same thing is in the teaching and learning process. Teachers may offer strategies to help students understand the materials give. If they have their own, they can use it also. Strategies are important in learning to comprehend and implement what you have studied without making you feel pressed or stressful.

·        Use Weapons

Yes, Fortnite has weapons to win the game. Meanwhile, students have their weapons also. they can be books, gadgets, learning media, and still many more. Weapons here are all the things to use to smooth your activities in learning. It is okay to learn from YouTube if it is more fun and it makes you easy to absorb knowledge given.


Fortnite is more than just a fighting game. It is a survival game that gives many lessons to players if they realize. Teachers even can use it to make some teaching approaches. Use also terms from Fortnite by remembering many students may be familiar with them. Sure, you can use the best teaching approaches from Fortnite mentioned above.

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