Pests in Summer? Control Pests by Effective and Natural Ways

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Summer is quite a mesmerizing season with a bright sun besides being quite irritating with sweat and excess humidity as well. But you can also see your living premises and working space filled with the ants, rodents, and cockroaches all around in this season. 

No matter which area you live in, or how many times you clean your premises, the presence of these pests are quite common all over Rajasthan. Unfortunately, a lot of bugs, ants, houseflies and termites, etc are more in the state due to excess temperature as well as humidity.

What are the common pests that infest in the summer season?

Due to the rapid increase of temperature pests creep out from their colonies for the search of food which is why you can often see pests crawling around you in summer. Almost all kinds of irritating pests such as mosquitoes, Ants, Bees, cockroaches, and ticks are seen in summer and mostly in large numbers.

Sometimes you may even notice your kitchen is filled with a row of ants crawling all around the house through the window for sweet things or any food pieces.  

Ants crawl around the junkyard, sewers, and garbage spaces and the same row can also enter your food storage facilities or a kitchen being the vector for harmful bacteria, viruses, and other microbes. 

The same follows for mosquitoes and cockroaches as well, which not only disturb your sleep but also one of the common reasons for spreading microbes. Diseases like Malaria and dengue are the live examples of the adverse effects of having such pests in your premises.

How to control pests in summer?

If you are desperate to terminate the pests always crawling and flying around you, then the fastest and smartest choice would be to hire pest control services. They have highly skilled professionals with complete knowledge in using advanced equipment, insecticides, techniques, and also in implementing prevention measures.

However, a few natural ways are using which you can resolve the pest problems in the summer season. Some of them are 

How to control mosquitoes in summer? 

Mosquitoes are quite annoying to every person whether at home or in a garden or even nearby parks. There are some ways in which you can be safe from getting bitten by mosquitoes, some of them include

  • Cover yourself: – It is not possible to wear full-sleeved thick dresses in summer obviously, but wearing full pants, cotton full-sleeve t-shirts can be a bit comfortable. Here is a fun fact; the dengue causing mosquitoes can’t fly higher than your knees. 
  • Use mosquito net: – You can use a good quality mosquito net to prevent the entrance of mosquitoes to sleep well. This safety measure is important when you have kids at home.
  • Clean your surroundings often: – Mosquitoes don’t need many reasons to enter your home. Even the presence of still water somewhere in your house is enough for them to enter and breed. Thus, you should always make sure to clean your environment and possibly dry floors.
  • Keep your kids inside: – Kids are easily prone to diseases spread by mosquitoes and are the easy target for the dengue causing mosquitoes. Thus, they should stay inside in the summer.
  • How to Control Ants in the summer?

Ants are the most common pests found in almost every area in every region. They live in groups and large colonies and even spread in the same way. Having some gaps in exterior walls and windows, keeping the food uncovered and unclean kitchen are some of the reasons why you have ants in your premises. 

Here are some of the valuable tips using which you can keep ants away from your kitchen and even from your premises.

  • Ensure your kitchen is always clean: – Besides maintaining a hygienic condition in the kitchen, it is also important to avoid still water, sugar pieces on the floor, and uncovered foods as well. This will surely prevent the entry of ants in your kitchen.
  • Seal the gaps in walls and windows: – You should seal all the small gaps and holes in walls and windows to prevent the entry of ants. 
  • Preserve the food in airtight boxes: – Airtight containers are the best way to preserve food in your kitchen. This also helps a lot in preventing the spread of ants.
  • Keep shrubs and trees away from your home: – Shrubs climbing around the house is one of the major signs of the presence of ants. Cute them as soon as possible if you want to keep them away.

The same rules follow for the prevention of the spread of pests like cockroaches, rodents, houseflies, etc. But, if you have them already in your living place or working space, hiring professionals from pest control services is a better plan than using random chemicals from the market.

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