Keep Your Wardrobe Clutter-Free with These Tips

We are all guilty of letting our closets get too messy and disorganised before we make a move to fix them. We get too busy getting ready for work and taking care of the home and kids that we often just pull out what we can from the closet to wear for the day, not giving any mind to all the other clothes that get tangled in the process. But there are easy, doable, and sure-fire ways to keep your wardrobe always ready for a closet raid.

Choose pieces that spark joy, and say thank you to those that don’t

As Marie Kondo says, let go of things that no longer spark joy. It is especially true with your clothes, shoes, and bags. Go over everything and choose which ones you no longer want in your closet: clothes that are either too big or too small, items that are no longer in style, and those that you have not worn for at least six months. Keeping your wardrobe organised does not only mean that you keep the clothes folded; it also means that you no longer keep those that you don’t use. 

Replace your old cabinets

One of the things that make a wardrobe look cluttered is the condition of the unit itself. If yours is old and some hinges are missing, you may want to consider looking at fitted wardrobes. Manchester companies can make a custom one for you that will suit your storage needs. 


There is nothing more soothing than opening your closet, and your clothes are colour-coordinated. This technique makes it easier to look for specific pieces. Another idea is to keep them according to clothing type: pants, skirts, shirts, dresses, jackets, etc. This technique will also give you an easy time to assemble your look for the day. 

Do not add more

As long as you have the basics, you really don’t have to add more of the same things in your closet. Keep your possessions to a minimum; it is the best way of making sure that your wardrobe is always organised and uncluttered. Invest in classic pieces that you can wear with many different variations so that you don’t have to buy so many clothes. 

Profit from your decluttering

The clothes, shoes, and bags that you will toss can bring you money. You can sell them – post them online or hold a garage sale. The money that you will get from the sale of your used clothing can be used for other things, such as buying classic pieces that you can pair with the existing items in your closet. 

Now that you are done organising and decluttering, do not make the usual mistake of cluttering your wardrobe again by buying the same things that you just tossed. Keeping your closet clean is also key. Those parts that you seldom use can gather dust, so make sure to wipe down every now and again. Organising your closet often will save you from an arduous task if you keep putting it off.

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