5 Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work

There’s no time like the present to evaluate your current health. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential to improving longevity, energy levels, skeletal muscle, stamina, and overall health. Carrying extra weight and body fat can lead to serious medical conditions like heart disease, obesity, diabetes, stroke, and more. Most people set weight loss goals with good intentions but eventually lose motivation and sometimes experience weight gain. Losing weight and keeping it off is possible with the right tips that actually work.

1. Take weight loss one step at a time.

Physical exercise is a big part of weight loss, but you shouldn’t overhaul your diet and work out every day to the point of exhaustion and constant hunger. Make a plan about what lifestyle changes you need to make in order to reach a long term goal. Start your weight loss journey with one, feasible change at a time. As you get comfortable with each new change, add another small change that will take you one step closer toward your weight loss goals.


2. Get help from a medical weight loss clinic.

Some people struggle for years to achieve weight loss goals despite physical activity, calorie restriction, and healthy eating. A lot of weight can lead to serious health issues like high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and high cholesterol levels. Participating in a medical weight loss clinic program teaches you how to lose weight and keep it off.

JumpstartMD medical weight loss clinic offers a personalized science-based program designed by Stanford-trained physicians. A medical specialist will take your medical history, including your BMI, during your first visit and create a weight management program tailored to your needs. Learn how to eat a healthy diet rather than practice caloric restriction. Under a supervised medical weight loss program, patients can be given a prescription medication to supplement weight loss efforts.

Medical weight loss is a good option for patients dealing with obesity who are preparing for bariatric surgery. Make an appointment with Jumpstart MD today and see how the medi-weightloss care team can help support you on your weight loss journey.


3. Don’t overcomplicate your meals.

Don’t overcomplicate your meals by restricting calories and overhauling everything you eat. Find a meal plan or eating style that works for you and stick with it. Diets that tell you what you can and can’t eat are a recipe for failure if you cold-turkey stop eating your normal foods. Choose a meal plan that is manageable and enjoyable to follow.

One thing you can absolutely do is work on cutting sugar out of your diet. Too much junk food and sweets aren’t good for your blood sugar and it does nothing to help burn body fat. Cravings will happen, so find a healthy alternative to keep your sweet tooth in check.


4. Improve your metabolic health naturally.

Every cell in your body contains an enzyme called AMP-activated protein kinase, or AMPK, which plays a critical role in energy metabolism. AMPK activity is important for increasing metabolism, reducing insulin resistance, normalizing glucose levels, increasing blood flow and blood pressure, blood sugar control, and it supports heart health. AMPK declines with age, but taking an AMPK activator can combat the aging process and boost AMPK activity.

Recent studies have shown that people with pre-existing metabolic syndrome and insulin sensitivity can improve blood sugar levels and insulin resistance with berberine supplements. Calerie is a cellular health supplement company that produces all-natural ampk booster supplements made from plant extracts. Berberine activates an enzyme known as the metabolic master switch, which plays a vital role in regulating metabolism. It may help prevent weight gain and body fat accumulation, protect metabolic syndrome and support healthy weight management.


5. Set two different goal weights to hit.

Undergoing weight loss and improving your overall health takes a lot of work and dedication. A long-term goal to lose a lot of weight, say 20 pounds or more, isn’t going to happen overnight. Your personal experience may be far different than someone else’s experience. Set two different goal weights for yourself to make your journey feel easier to reach. You should celebrate small milestones along the way, especially once you make it to the half-way point. When you reach the first goal weight, re-evaluate your strategy, and keep up the motivation.

No two diets are the same because no two bodies are the same. Make the most out of your weight loss journey with these effective tips and put your healthiest foot forward.


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