Benefits of Renting a Scissor Lift Instead of Buying One

Scissor lifts are considered as one of the essential equipment in many industries, such as in the construction, warehouse, and building maintenance, even in manufacturing and food processing. Often regarded as an Aerial work platform (AWP) or Elevated work platform (EWP), It is a machine that is capable of moving either people or heavy goods in a vertical direction. These machines are also the safest alternative to any application that would normally require a ladder or scaffolding. It enables the workers to complete their jobs faster and safer since instability is out of the question. 

While the risk of falling can never be completely eliminated, scissor lifts comes a safety cable or harness that protects the workers as well as a sturdy platform protected by railings on all sides. Furthermore, lift operators usually undergo OSHA scissor lift training to make every operation smooth and secure.

But the question is, is it better to rent scissor lifts instead of buying one for your business operation?

Renting a scissor lift over buying a brand new one can be a better option. Renting can significantly reduce the cost of acquiring and operating the scissor lift but at the same time improve productivity since your worker can complete their job in a much shorter period of time.

Below we have listed more benefits of renting a scissor lifts over buying a brand new one.


As we have mentioned earlier, the primary benefit of renting a scissor lift is that it is much more cost-effective for the company. After all, greater utilization always leads to greater efficiency. Brand new scissor lifts can cost between $10,000 to $15,000 while renting one would only cost the company $100 to $150 per day. 

Variety of Options

Currently, there are five types of scissor lifts in the market. This enables companies to choose the right equipment for their needs, which makes renting more flexible than purchasing all of them at once. 

Hydraulic scissor lifts. These lifts are powered by a hydraulic system that moves the platform up and down. They produce less noise and zero fuel emissions, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor operations. 

Diesel scissor lifts. These lifts are often used on construction sites since it needs to operate in wide ventilations. The reason is quite obvious because these lifts are powered by a diesel engine motor making it quite noisy and, at the same time, emits fuel emissions. However, diesel scissor lifts produce more power and can carry heavier loads compared to other types of scissor lifts.

Electric scissor lifts. These lifts are perfect for indoor operation, especially on warehouses since they can operate silently. They are also less bulky compared to their fuel counterparts, making them very useful in tight spaces. 

Rough terrain scissor lifts. These lifts are also perfect for construction sites that have challenging terrains. Usually, these lifts are equipped with heavy-duty tires and safety mechanisms as well as able to carry heavy loads. They can safely work on uneven surfaces and even to place with inclement weather.

Pneumatic scissor lifts. These lifts, on the other hand, uses air pressure to operate the equipment. These lifts do not emit hazardous fumes, making it also environmental-friendly like the electric scissor lifts. However, they are not as powerful as the diesel scissor lifts, making them only suitable for indoor operations.

Reduces maintenance cost

The renting party is not the one liable for any maintenance or repairs in the event of machine breakdowns. The insurance of the rental company would cover it. They will repair or replace the lift with no extra charges.

No Initial Cashout

If the company chooses to buy a new one, they still need to pay a large amount of cash as downpayment, especially if they will acquire the equipment through financing. On the other hand, if they will rent the equipment from the rental company, they won’t be needing to invest a considerable amount of capital in renting one. This saves them money in the long run while improving their operations and productivity.

No storage cost

If you have big types of machinery like the scissor lifts, you need to store them, especially during idle times. Meaning it is an added cost to your company. Renting, on the other hand, avoids storage costs since, during idle time, the only thing you need to do is to return the equipment to the rental company until the time you needed the equipment again. 

Experienced operators

The rental company will be the one who will provide lift operators. This assures you the safeness in the workplace since lift operators usually undergo OSHA scissor lift training before they are deployed.

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