Best Parts to Scrap for Your Junk Car

Old burned and rusted car at roadside on highway

There are many reasons your automobile could end up in the junk pile, waiting on that proverbial “last mile” in the line to be crushed. Perhaps it was in a bad accident and the insurance company listed it as “totaled,” which means it will cost more to fix than what it’s worth. Maybe it’s just too old and the engine has completely died out, leaving it financially infeasible to fix.

 No matter the reason, you can still extract plenty of cash for junk cars, if you know what to look for. What is the likelihood that every single part of the car is just no good? It’s nearly impossible, save a fire or some explosion. Other than that, you should be able to find quite a few parts that you can sell to make some extra cash, and here are some of the most popular junker parts you shouldn’t ignore.

5 Best Parts to Sell from Your Junker

1: Battery

 The battery is the life of a car in many ways. It provides the spark when the ignition is turned that lights the fuel, which begins the process of internal combustion, which drives the differential, causing the car to run. New batteries can be rather expensive, so a lot of people are seeking used batteries. This means that a lot of places are buying used batteries. Even if the battery is on its last legs, most people can still get a little cash for them through various recycling plants. So there’s always a little money in the battery if it’s not destroyed.

2: Alternator

Many people think it’s the battery that powers the lights and radio and other electrical components in the car. Technically, it’s true insofar as these things won’t run without a battery. However, it’s actually the car’s alternator that operates as a generator to provide the power, and to keep the battery charged. The great thing about alternators is that they don’t necessarily have to be specific to make and model. So as long as your alternator is in working condition, it’s a great item to sell to get cash for junk cars.

3: Doors

 A lot of people overlook their doors, as they believe no one would want doors unless they’re the specific shape and size for an exact make and model. However, they’re missing a lot of things about the doors that can be used to rebuild and refurbish other cars. Doors have handles, locking mechanisms, windows, and the mechanisms which control the windows (handles or power windows). These parts are also needed for many repairs, and so the doors can bring in a bit of money.

4: Air Conditioning/Heat

 Heating and AC units in cars are another thing that doesn’t necessarily have to be specific to a make and model. Just like you can get any size or shape AC unit for your home, most heat/AC units can be fitted into existing automobiles regardless of the specific model. A working air conditioner is the crème de la crème of parts in many respects and can bring in top dollar. If you have a working AC in a junker, make sure you sell it.

5: Rims and Tires

 Just like the AC, most people looking for rims and tires aren’t going to need a specific make or model. If people need a rim for their 2008 Chevy Impala, it doesn’t have to be a rim off of that model. It just has to be the same size and the same lug pattern. This means that you should be able to get some extra money with those rims and tires, considering their condition.

 This list could have kept going and going. For newer cars that end up junked, GPS systems and airbags are fantastic things to sell out of them. For trucks, tailgates are always big sellers. And in any sort of automobile, the speakers will bring a little cash if they’re in good shape. You get the idea here; there’s a lot on your old junker that’s worth money! So make sure you extract maximum value from a qualified used auto parts service before it’s junked.

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